? about city strap

  1. My strap always slips off my shoulder. Does this happen to anyone else?
  2. Yes, on the odd occasion...

    I do recall a thread that said if you take the 'pad' off the strap, or just move it to one side, it stops the slippage!
  3. hmm...how can you take the pad off?
  4. Slide it down, and it does actually fit over the bales on the end... give it a try and let us know how you go!
  5. Yes, our dear Deco copyrighted the term "dethingiefying," which describes the process of taking the pad off. There's a thread about it somewhere!
  6. :roflmfao: That was it...
  7. dethingiefying --> that's hilarious! thank you...i'll try it.
  8. No probs!

    Good luck... hehe
  9. it worked! it's much better now. thank you again!
  10. oh great! can you post pics of your dethingiefied city? <- LOL
  11. Gosh~ I think we have the solution to everything here! LOL
  12. yeah, we do have a solution for everything here! i love it!
  13. lol.. you guys are awesome - this thread made me laugh! :biggrin:

    What great tips you guys always have!
  14. I know this sounds petty but i'm worried that if I take the pad off that it will look like a fake b-bag.
  15. I never use my strap. Always just the handles. It makes me feel more connected to the bag. (OK how corny does that sound ?:roflmfao: )