about chanel trunk show

  1. i really want to go. does anyone know how can i go there?
    is it invitation only? how can i be invited?
    where they usually have? beverly hills?
  2. it's very casual, not invitation only at all! Feel free to walking to take a look, different store have different time, but it's usually hosted for few hours only.
  3. if you live near Santa Barbara, they have one on Tuesday, February 5th from 10-3 PM at the Saks Fifth Avenue Chanel Boutique. =]
  4. for more info call 8058845257 =]
  5. as said, anyone can go, it's not private at all.
    Some of us get invites because we have a relationship w/ an SA, that's all.
    Where do you live Annie?
  6. thanx guys about the info.
    i live around OC in California.
    is there any trunk show at Chanel in South Coast Plaza?
    and when?
  7. give 'em a call:yes:
  8. nm newport beach in the oc is having their trunk show on feb 11 and 12

    the scp chanel boutique has already had their show.
  9. Annie - Rodeo drive beverly hills is today, tomorrow and friday - 1/2 day.
  10. thank you all!!!
    i think i will go NM in FI one!
  11. There will be a trucnk show at Bloomingdalesin SCP in Feb. I think the 13th give them a call for the date, sorry I forgot the date, but it has not passed yet