about chanel classic bags

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  1. Hey bag ladies!

    i have one question. The chain on the chanel bags the classic bags. Are they different? the lenght? i saw some bags on celebrities and they are different. the bags seems the same but th chain is shorter than anoher!

    can you please help me?

  2. each size bag has a different chain length.

    also, the length can be shortened by the wearer.

    On top of that, you can use one long chain or both chains, thereby changing the length.
  3. i saw a jumbo with short double chain. she wear this bag in her hand. i wear this bag also and the chain is longer.

  4. I just got a 2010 maxi and the chain seems shorter to me. I've tried on 09 maxis at Saks/NM and have had no problem wearing them as messengers. However, my new maxi sits higher on my body and doesn't look so great as a messenger.
  5. lauren11, there is a thread about how to shorten the chain length yourself.
    Tying it inside the purse.
    check it out. may be helpful.

    There are pictures floating around of Victoria Beckham with her vintage xl jumbo, and the chain is extremely short...she's carrying it on her wrist. She tied up the chain- you can do that too.