About Chanel Boxes: Description labels?

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  1. #1 Oct 3, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 10, 2010
    Hi, is it normal to have no description labels (with the models and price tags) pasted on the chanel box? My husband bought one reissue and I am puzzeled that no labels are on it. The box came in so fresh that there was not time for the SA's to stick the label?
  2. The handbag could be a display item thus SA couldn't find the original Chanel box and used brand new box instead .... it happened to me once & I bought my Chanel handbag from Neiman Marcus.
  3. I think it happens quite often, 2 of the bags and one of the necklaces i bought from the Sydney Chanel Boutique didn't have any labels on their black boxes. The Valentine flap i bought from Rue Cambon in Paris didn't have a label either.
  4. Thanks. I also suspect that they are to repaste the price tags due to price increase on the day he bought it...
  5. No labels are quite tough because I was searching for the model number.... model number is also not reflected on the reciept. Reselling (not that I intend to) might be tough in the future without the information.
  6. I think it's mostly US who keep the stickers on. I've bought all my bags in Europe and I don't have a sticker on any of my boxes.
  7. I bought my flap from Neimans a few months ago.

    No stickers on box, no tag on bag. :sad:
  8. Hi. Generally the bags bought from Paris will not have the labels with the model, stock code on the box.

    On the other hand, I've bought fr Singapore boutique, USA boutique and even Saks / Neiman. All these came with labels.

    So my conclusion is that non Paris boutiques or USA dept stores carrying Chanel will have labels.
  9. Thanks people. Such great information exchanged speedily across the globe! Globalisation is great!
  10. #10 Oct 4, 2010
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    It's not just Paris boutiques, I think it applies to all of Europe. I've bought bags in UK, France, Spain, Belgium and Germany. Non of them came with labels.
  11. I didn't get labels either on my boxes - and I bought from Neiman's, and also Chanel boutique in the US.

    I think they misplaced or mixed up the box with the right label for the bag, so just gave me a plain box.

    I always wondered about that too.....this is the conclusion I came to.

    The tag (which was not attached) had the style number and stuff.
  12. This happened to me with my Half Moon.
  13. My SA at my local Chanel boutique told me it is their policy to remove the sticker labels and cut off the price tags at the time of purchase. They then tape these to the back of their (the store) copy of the receipt, as "proof" of purchase. :shrugs: My SA knows that I like to keep all the labels and info, so she leaves it on for me, but cuts off the bar code part, and tapes that to their receipt copy.
  14. it must be mostly in the US that they leave the stickers on.
    all of my bags get wrapped in boxes with no stickers :smile:
    also leaving the price tag seems to be a big no no as well as any other sort of sign for it being new such a felt protectant..
  15. Bought a bag in Rome on 9/5/10 and the box had no stickers and the tag wasn't enclosed either.