About CC Crystal Stud earrings - and shipping

  1. I've been looking for the small CC crystal stud earrings for a while now. I've been calling the Chanel Boutique at Tysons Corner for about two months, and as of today they've told me that no one has any idea when they will be coming in.:sad:

    My first question is: If I call one of the boutiques in the US and they have them available, is it possible I can have them ship them to me? (And if they can, do they ship it to my home address or just the nearest boutique?)

    My second question is: Does anyone know what stores in the US have these earrings in stock?

    Any help would be really, really appreciated!! :smile:
  2. Have you tried calling the Chanel 1-800# to have them check the system for you? Yes, if they have them, they'll ship to your billing address.
  3. Sarah - I just received my small CC studs today. I got them at the Chanel Boutique on 57th Avenue in New York.

    I live in SC and I had them ship them to me at my home.

    You can ask for Angie. She's great!
  4. Thanks! Piperlu- these are the crystal cc studs right?
  5. Did you ask the SA's at Tyson's to check the computer and see if any boutique is showing them in stock? I have them (specifically, Indra) check the computer for me all the time. They can easily order them for you from any boutique.
  6. I was just going to suggest the Chanel on 57th in NYC. That's where I bought mine last June. They retail for $210 + tax + shipping.
  7. You can call the Chanel Boutiques or some department stores who carry Chanel like NM or Saks. They all ship and its not a problem. Usually the charge is $13-15 depending on who you order from.
  8. No, I didn't ask them to check the computer to see which boutiques have them in stock, or call the Chanel 1-800 #. I will do this if the Chanel in New York does not have them! Thanks for all of your help!
  9. Mine are the smallest CC's and they're the clear rhinestones. I think they're very pretty. I am going to post the pics but they're so much nicer than these pics show. I don't think I have the best digital camera (or I don't take very good pics). LOL

  10. ^^BTW, these were $180 plus tax.
  11. does anyone have any idea if any boutique has these in clips? i don't have my ear pierced... so ...
  12. if u get them at Saks and use a Saks card, it's free shipping.
  13. I just got a pair from the tyson's chanel boutique on Thursday. Just keep bugging them.
  14. Oh really? That bugs me! They took my name down at the beginning of January and said they would give me a call when they finally got them in. I called them at Tysons last weekend and they said they had "no idea when they would be coming".