?? about Cartier Love Bracelet Sizing

  1. Although I have never seen this item in person I am soo wanting it. I do believe I would love it. However, I don't know what size I am. I understand the numbers mean centimeters, but I just don't know which would be more comfortable: something loose or more fitted. Can I get some advice or pointers from you who have one. Thanks!
  2. hi! the love bracelet comes in 2 sizes, u will need to try them on because it depends on how u like them to fit u personally. if u search the thread- u can find some pics that i posted i the past... i cant do it now for u- im on a different computer that doesnt have my pic file.
  3. thanks suzie! i think i have seen some of your pics in the other cartier threads. i have a fairly small wrist but i don't want to wear this tight, but then again i don't know if i want it to freely slide over my wristbone. ugh. no cartier closeby either. think i'll just wait for sure until i know my size. thanks.
  4. the wierdest thing about the love braceet is how COMFORTABLE they r--- REALLY!!! they seem to lay so perfectly on my wrist.. i have 2... i have the small size. goodluck!
  5. well, i just don't know if i am a 16 or 17...it sux cuz i really want one. my bracelets that i wear are all like 6.5-6.75" so would i be okay with a size 16 or should i just get a 17..hmmm
  6. I would think if you could call a store they might be able to help you if you measure your wrist?
  7. i have a pretty small wrist and i have a 17 on anyway. i didnt like how the 16 felt snug. at first i thought it was a mistake to get the bigger one but i NEVER notice it! it is so comfortable! dont be afraid to get one that is a little big.
  8. that's what i was thinking too. thanks!
  9. I measured my wrist 5.75". What do you think? I don't want it to stick to me, but I don't prefer very loose bangles. You guys think a 17??
  10. Call Cartier and ask them yourself.
  11. They have a measuring tool you can print off the internet also. It helped me to decide
    what size I wanted when I get mine!
  12. My wrist is 14.cm, I tried on the size 16 and it was perfect... There is no way a 15 would have fit.
    I read if you measure you wrist and add 1 or 2 cm that is the size you should get. I thought I read add 1cm, but there is no way a size 15 would have fit me. Adding 2cm was perfect for me.
  13. I think it also comes down to how you like it to feel on your wrist. I originally was told I was a perfect sz 17 and bought it but I did not like how far it rode up my arm. I especially noticed it at night. I ended up getting a 16 and though I do not like my jewelry fitting snug, the 16 is comfortable to me though I do not have a lot of movement with it. It's weird so definitely a personal feel for how you would like to wear it 24/7.
  14. Cartier.com has a great size finder on their website!
  15. Hi! My wrist is around the same size as yours and I wear the 16. It's pretty loose and I can twist the bracelet around my wrist, so I love the size I have!!