? about Bonanzle..

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  1. I am new to shopping at Bonanzle. I made an offer but have not heard back yet. Is there a time frame like ebay has like 24/48 hrs to accept, decline, expire? I don't know what to expect.

  2. Just keep checking. Its a holiday and a weekend. I know It takes me awhile to get back on there and check on my listings. I guess I am a lazy seller:P, but I have more important things to deal with....three of them in fact(ages 3, 8, and 14!) Hope that helps.
    Oh, and good luck.
  3. Sometimes it takes a while for the seller to respond. The seller might take a couple days to think about your offer and then respond to you.
  4. If a seller accepts an offer, how do you pay? I am new at ebay/bonanzle, and have only done regular bidding on the two items I have purchased. There is a seller who actually has two :P items I like, and I was thinking of making an offer for both, but how does that amount get taken out of paypal (I do have an account)?
    Is this a silly question? Sorry if it is, but I guess I have to learn somehow!
    BTW - this is a bonanzle seller I am interested in, I am not trying to hijack the thread.
  5. How to pay? Once the offer is agreed or you've BINed, then the seller will send you an invoice. Pay via that.

    As for your other question - Send the seller a message and ask.

    Personally, I prefer it if a potential buyer enters into dialogue with me before hitting BIN or making an offer. Gives me a chance to see who I'm dealing with ;)
  6. Thanks!