about bluefly

  1. i had been looking at bluefly for a long time and at one time, was so tempted to purchase a prada bag from them because the prices there are cheaper than wat i saw in NM.
    i asked around and was warned that bluefly sold fake bags before.
    i would like to know wat are your views on this website?
    the prices are tempting but i am so afraid of getting a fake bag after spending so much money.

    does anyone of you have any experiences to share too?
    it will be good to warn others if there are not-so-nice experiences that you've had so that there won't be more people getting into the fix.

  2. I think they are a lot more careful now than they used to be. Most of the feedback lately has been positive with bluefly.
  3. I have purchased from Bluefly four times. Except the first time was inventory mistake and my order was canceld, all the other three are positive and pleasant.
  4. No problem with Bluefly. That whole situation about the fakes was so blown out of proportion it wasn't funny. It was nearly two years ago, involved some Chloe and Balenciaga bags that were purchased and fakes were returned to Bluefly who sent them out not knowing the difference. Since that happened, they have been putting security tags on their bags: once you cut off the tag you can't return the bag.

    I've gotten easily 10-12 Pradas/Guccis from Bluefly and everyone was authentic.
  5. I have been trying to buy things from Bluefly for about three months. Everytime I have placed an order, it sits in processing for days and then they cancel it. It's so frustrating.

    Then, just the other day, I received a letter in the mail apologizing for my customer service issues that happened three months ago.

    I have this exact problem everytime I place an order at Bloomingdale's. I rarely look anymore, b/c I know I never can buy.

    I know some people have really good luck with them, but not me.
  6. so glad to finally be able to hear another side because all that i ever read about was about them selling fakes, nothing about people returning fakes to them that caused it.
    while i guess we will never really know, i am still happy to hear a diff side that puts me abit mre at ease
  7. awwww tts awlful!
    but why do they cancel it?
    hope you meet with better experiences soon, it can be so disappointing :yucky:
  8. Bluefly's got quick response rate and really fast shipping to overseas like Australia.:tup:
  9. They've moved their operations center from Virginia to Ohio and since July they've been trying to shall we say "recover" from the fiasco. I had something canceled and I've also gotten a few wrong items that I had to send back, but the good news is if you call Customer Service and gripe enough (nicely), they'll give you some GREAT discounts! My last Prada ended up being 40% off retail because of it. :wlae:
  10. wow! wat a great deal!
  11. I hope they send me the wrong bag!:yahoo:
  12. I am also a Bluefly fan. I've placed many orders with them. They sent me the wrong pair of shoes once but it was quickly corrected. Every other order has been correct, shipped fairly quickly, and exactly what I wanted. They're also doing better with shortening the time for returns.
  13. yes and i hope they give u a good code after tt!
  14. I've had customer service issues but everything I've ordered has been authentic.
  15. ^^ ditto!
    AND, have gotten some great deals with their sales & discount codes.