? About Black Mayfair and Plum Mina

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  1. What are your opinions about the Black Mayfair?
    It's actually smaller in person that I thought it would be.
    I never was into the chain until now...and it's cute..but
    do you think the contract gold chain/hardware looks too
    harsh on a black bag? I'm trying to figure out if that is the
    case. I know I loved it in grey - but it's sold out everywhere -
    so I'm trying to think about if black is worth it.

    What are your opinoins on the Plum Mina?
    This bag is actually larger in real life that I thought. I think the
    plum elastic quilt is absolutely stunning...but again, it has the long chain.
    Something that I've come to like but I'm not sure about it.
    What are your opinons on this bag size-wise?
  2. Did the Black Mayfair arrive already? If so, post pics!! :p
  3. I don't have much of an opinion of the Mayfair - I always thought it looked too "chanel-like" but I do own a Mina in Green and I LOVE IT!!! The Quilted Elastic is so lightweight and the bag/shoulder strap are the perfect size. The bag hangs beautifully & it's easy to get in & out w/o always having to take the bag off your shoulder. I also find that there's loads of room inside w/o being overly big and/or bulky. It carries like an oversized bag w/o looking like one!

    Up until I owned this bag I really wasn't interested in owning a Stam, but once I got the Mina and started carrying it, I just had to have a Stam too. I really do think the Mina is a lot like the Stam w/o the double handles (it's not as deep but otherwise it's very close)

    I also LOVE the plum color - I wish I could have gotten the Mina in Plum. Don't get me wrong - I love the Green more than I thought I would but I just adore the plum. If you have the chance to buy one, I say Go For It!!:tup:
  4. I have the Plum Mina and love it. Perfect size. I think the Mayfair is cute, I just don't like small bags for me. The Mina is definitely bigger than it looks without being too big.
  5. i saw the plum mina and i totally loved it. not to much.

    as far as the mayfair goes, i really love mine. i did have to re- think what ti can carry though. personally, i like black and gold combo- but i understand wait you mean, my bf thinks the combo is very garish. it's just a personal preference.

    congrats!! they're both beautiful!
  6. I re-tried on the mina- and I really really like it now. It's actually just the right proportion - and I love how it hides my big butt LOL j/k ... the Plum is seriously one of the best colors ever in the quilted elastic. I really like the mix quilted mayfair- but it's kind of hard to see in the black color - I feel that with the teal and the grey you could see the contrast. Not so much with the black. I still love it though.
    I have to keep it at the price I got it for.
  7. I like the look of the black mayfair. I think the gold chain goes very well with black.