? about black camo

  1. ive been wanting to get a luna to take with me to school as a gym bag. i dont own anything in camo so i thought it would be good since its blackish. the problem is that i would be bringing it along with whatever bag a take to school that day [usually a pirata bv or an inferno campeggio].

    i dont own a black camo nor have i ever seen one in person for those of you that have, do you think it will look kinda odd to be carrying to different prints? Would i be better off getting one in fumo from the outlets? :confused1:
  2. Black camo is pretty subtle print... so I don't think it'd be too obvious to other people that you're carrying two toki bags~ If I were using it for the gym, though, I'd go for fumo for two reasons - one, because I wouldn't mind as much if it happened to get dirty... and second, I could get it for cheap in the outlets - wheras I'd end up spending a fortune on a black camo *anything*~
  3. I always say wear what YOU like and screw anyone who doesn't like it.

  4. Dancing Nanices:theres a pretty cheap one on eBay. :smile: and i dont destroy my bags but im not to anal about them getting dirty especially if a buy it for a purpose such as going to the gym. :sweatdrop:

    Sister BLue: exactly what i want to do. I personaly would not like to wear two different bags at the same time whose prints are going to clash. I wouldnt wear a foresta luna with my inferno campeggio. It wouldnt work for me. which is why im asking to see if people who own a camo find that it is not as subtle as i think it is before i spend 150+ on it.
  5. Gotcha...I wasn't understanding exactly what you were asking. :push: I personally wouldn't find it odd to wear multiple different prints but that's just me - no one ever accused me of being a fashion goddess. :p

    As for Camo black, I have a Stellina, and it really is quite subtle...from a bit of a distance it almost looks like plain black. Even up close, the splashes of color are not screaming.

  6. ^^ thanks! i think im gonna ahead and buy it :]
  7. I don't have a solo picture of it but here she is in a group shot: