?? about Barneys Co-op?

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  1. I am just wondering what the difference is between the 2. Also, is it like an outlet. Such as off 5th is to Saks? Are there any coupons ever? Thanks in advance:biggrin:
  2. while there ARE barneys outlets throughout the country, barney's co-op is something else. it's kind of like a diffusion line of barneys (how miu miu is to prada or MBMJ to MJ collection, only they have an entire store).

    they have a house brand of the same name, which at one point was cheaper than most of the items they stocked. this is no longer the case, and the prices are now on par with the rest of the stock, which is aimed at a younger/more hip demographic than your standard barneys. think marc by marc, alexander wang, thomas wylde, naked & famous denim, alice + olivia, vince, mcqueen for puma, nike, etc. lately i've seen more recognizable high end labels like CL though.

    they run sales just as all of the major department stores do. they are by no means an outlet though, so don't expect things to be cheap.
  3. thank you canadas. I was wondering why I have seen Barneys outlet and then this.