? about Balenciaga

  1. Hi all! I'm very new to Balenciaga (usually a LV/Gucci girl) and I am interested in buying my first bag (probably the first style too)... I was initially planning on buying a nice MJ bag but since looking at some of your beautiiifullll bags, I decided Balenciaga may be more of the bag for me :smile:

    just out of curiousity, does Balenciaga have sales on their bags at the end of the season or are they like LV and never have sales on their bags?

    thanks ;)
  2. moving to shopping....

    and I don't think that Bal ever puts their moto bags on sale. I think Dept stores do so every once in a great while, usually on unpopular colors/styles that are moving so well. The smaller boutiques are your best bet for sales :yes:
  3. I've bought moto sale bags at both Neiman Marcus (late spring) and Barneys (late summer). HMWE, is right, they're usually unpopular colors that go on sale.
  4. Yup, some colors might go on sale at the end of the season. The SA who helped me at Barney's mentioned that some colors go on sale, but standards like black usually don't. Discontinued styles might also go on sale (like I believe the box style was on sale at the end of the summer at Barneys)
  5. oh okay, thanks ladies :smile: