About authenticity cards for purses from Prada Boutiques

  1. Hi all...

    I usually purchase my bags now from department stores when they are on sale or one of the lower-priced. However, I completely fell in love with the antic cervo satchel and finally took the plunge and purchased my first full-price prada from the Prada store in Beverly Hills 5 days ago.

    Well, I just opened the prada shopping bag this morning to take pics of my new baby. I took the purse out and emptied it out. I only found the white authentiity card where the SA wrote down the purchase info. The blue card with the style info was not there. I am not sure if this is normally not included in boutique purses? All of my other Pradas from Saks have it.

    So my questions are:

    how important is this blue card to buyers? In case I decide to sell the purse later, will the missing authenticity card lower the selling value of the purse or cause "suspicion" re: its authenticity?

    Can my SA get this card for me?

    Thanks in advance!

    I'll post pics later! :smile:
  2. It's the same for Miu Miu boutiques..they keep it with a copy of the receipt as a record with your name.
  3. Your post just made me check my bags' cards. I found that the bags (2) that I ordered from Beverly Hills Prada by phone both came with the care card, white plastic style card and the other card that states the style, color, style number on it, etc. However, the bag I bought in person from the Las Vegas Prada store only came with the care card and the hard white plastic card. Not the other card with the typed info on it. The Miu Miu bags only come with the care cards and those typed out cards. They don't have hard plastic cards with them.

    That's odd. I would like to know if the hard plastic card is still considered an authenticity card as well? Good post!!
  4. I ordered a bag from Miu Miu boutique and called other miu miu stores as well and they said they don't send out that card like Prada does...so I assume Prada still should send out the other card? Unlike Miu Miu-they keep it with your receipt in their stores
  5. HI all

    Thanks for your replies. I asked the SA that helped me to see if she can get me one... here is what she said (word for word):

    "Prada NEVER gives away the ticket that you are talking about. The
    Department Stores do that only."

    And you asked a great question miu2.. How important is this blue card as verification of authenticity? i realize how easy it is that people fake it... but still....

    shopgirl, did they mention whether prada sends out the blue or the white card? i have the white... not the blue.

    Thanks all!
  6. Okay, now I am somewhat confused. Is there a plastic blue card like the plastic white card? I've never received anything blue from Prada.

    Shopgirl - I have never seen any plastic cards for Miu Miu. Also, can you tell me where there is a Miu Miu Boutique please. I have been trying to locate one that isn't a part of a department store. Do you know of any? :confused1:
  7. I ordered mine from Miu Miu in NEW YORK: [SIZE=-1] (212) 334-5156 ask for Sarah. My mom (Young) ordered it from her.
    Miu Miu only sends out the blue card-care instruction card and they keep the card w/style #, color etc with a copy of receipt in their customer files. I called other stores to to double check :smile:
  8. Miu2..

    sorry if i confused you... the card i meant is the one with the style info on it. it's not plastic and the SA called it a ticket. here's a pic to clarify what i meant.

    How important is this card?
  9. For resale purposes, Prada cards are basically meaningless. Among other things, they fake those by the thousands these days too.

    Only Chanel bags have serial numbers mounted inside the bag that's unique to each bag and the card that comes with it should have the exact number. Prada cards don't have anything but the style number and such. I'd rather have the care card than anything else because it tells you exactly what the bag is made of.

    By the way, marose28 the card you posted above is the card for a wallet, not a handbag. ;)
  10. Hi PP..., yeah that wallet's style card was the only one i had a pic pf saved in my computer... i used it as an example because i didn't what it was called. love that wallet BTW.

    yah, i hear you about the tons of fakes floating around. it's really frustrating trying to tell the authentics from the fakes, especially when you're searching for an older style. grrrrr. this forum (and the wonderful helpful posters) is a blessing. there should be something that can be done to weed those darn crooks online.. but that's a whole other thread... ok enough ranting...

    anyway thanks all for your inputs.

    i realize that the stamped white card with the purchase info that came with my purse should be enough proof of authenticity since it can be verified with the boutique... yep, i will learn to live with the style-card-less purse i have - which IMO is a beaut - with or without the card! i will post pics soon.
  11. Thanks for the info!! :okay: