? about 30cm togo birkin weight

  1. How does a 30cm togo birkin weight compare to the following bags?

    1. LV le Fabuleux
    2. LV MC speedy
    3. Chloe Paddington

    These are the only bags I have and not being able to actually hold a real birkin I'd like to kinda know what to expect weight wise. I don't carry much in my bag- wallet, accessories pochette, treo, and car keys (I have a VW bug and there is only the key fob (which is the key and keyless entry in one) and my house key on my key chain). TIA
  2. I THINK the Chloe will be heavier (just that dang LOCK will be heavier)......the Speedy will be lighter.....and I don't know about the Fabuleux.

    My 30cm Togo Birkin can get heavy.....I carry Karo clutch for makeup and small incidentals, Bern wallet, Globetrotter agenda which does double duty as Checkbook cover, cc envelope, pen, keys, cellphone.
  3. shopmom what is your globetrotter?? LVlover...not sure about a couple but my guess would be the LV Fabuleux? My togo isn't too bad IMO but I do think the speedy is def. lighter...
  4. PBC has a blue Fabuleux like the one in your avatar, LVLover, and I've carried it b4. IMO, I think it is lighter than a Fabuleux. A Fabuleux, I believe is pretty heavy bc of the hardware compared to most bags and this is when it was empty!!!
  5. ^^ Yes.. 30cm togo is definitely lighter than Le Fab!
  6. THANK YOU!!! This helps be a lot!!! I don't have a problem with the weight of the le fab so the weight of a 30cm togo should be fine! That dang chloe is super cute but it up for sale cuz it's just to heavy. I think it's heavier then the le fab. As long as the birkin is not as heavy as the paddington I'll be fine!!
  7. OMG! This thread is a life saver for me! LOL! I have two paddies, so I guess I will be just fine when I finally get a 30cm! Of course, I have lots of time to build up those muscles until then:p
  8. LV You'll be just fine, then. You will LOVE having a 30cm Birkin....it's one of my favorite bags!!!!!!
  9. I just did some testing too. A 30 in Togo is about the same as a Paddy - not really much lighter or heavier. You should still be fine LVlover.

    But a 35 in Togo or Clemence is MUCH heavier than the Paddy. You just have to consider it a workout. And switch arms occasionally. :smile:
  10. I am in the market for a Birkin as well. I am having a hard time deciding whether or not I should get a 30 or a 35 CM. I am 5'8" slender and I'm concerned a 30 CM will look too small on me. I do carry a number of items all of the time with me...and weight of the purse is an issue for me. Does anyone have shots holding a 30 vs. a 35? There has to be a thread devoted to this somwhere in the depths of this subforum.
  11. I apologize for not being tech-savvy enough to link you to it, but on page 68 of the "Asian Women and their Birkins" thread, there are pics of a taller model showing how she looks in a 30, 35, 40, etc.
  12. Here you go:

  13. ^ Thank you jag - I'm hopeless with links.

    The thing that annoys me about that darn girl is that she looks good carrying ALL the sizes!
  14. OMG...I thought the same myself!^^