Abnormal pap smears......OMG!

  1. Don't we hate the call after a routine pap smear that is the "we need to talk"

    Luckily the "highly differentiated smear - get this girl to a specialist!" was downgraded to a "OK for now but check it every 6 months for the forseeable future."

    Anybody experiencing this?

    The OBGYN tells me sooooo many women won't come back for the 6/12ly reviews..... crazy. Cervical cancer is on the decline because of early detection, but we need to keep up the checks.
  2. This happened to me and they said I had HPV. I was so scared because they told me over the phone like it was no big deal. I had to physically call up when I hadn't heard about my results for 3months!! Military doctors are a pain sometimes. Luckily the kind I had(strand of hpv) cleared up on its own. I have had 2 good papsmears so now I am in the clear. Hurray!! I have heard that sometimes they come back abnormal but it is just a false alarm.
  3. ok, I have had this kind of call for the first time when i was 16. HPV - and was told to come back every 3 to 6 months. so I did that. then there was a period where I change docs and each told me something else. one totally freaked me, another said don't worry, another send me to a specialist who said I could get a colposcopy but I didn't want to, or get it removed by laser. I was actually contemplating that.

    I went back to UK for studying, and they actually had me scheduled for a colposcopy by a NURSE (excuse me - a doc or nothing else) and I declined - I didn't realise what the appointment was for until I got there.

    about 10 years after the initial diagnosis and lots of back and forth I had another call from my new GP bec I had moved. I went and was expecting the usual 'your results are abnormal' letter, but no letter came. I got worried they had forgotten me so i called after a few weeks - and they told me: oh but there is nothing. everything is fine....imagine my relief and surprise.

    so I went and asked the nurse the next time i was there for something and this is what she told me:
    'oh your diagnosis was given very early - it is normal until the age of 25 to have abnormal results - we usually don't pay any attention anymore until you are past your mid 20s. as you can see for you it cleared up'. I have not forgiven the medical trade yet for putting me through years of worry and angst (my grandmother died because of cervical cancer) - LOL. but i appreciate that research is constantly updating what we know so it is ok.

    seriously, I am not saying don't be concerned or don't worry but don't freak yourself out. you just never know - I had the 'oh you have to get all this out NOW' and the 'ok lets just monitor' at varying stages, and it is all good now for me. I still go to check ups but so far nothing bad has come off it. get yourself checked out and get all the information you can get.

    I saw a specialist and main researcher over here in that field and he explained it all very well - even the 'lets get all this out now' didn't mean cancer, wasn't even at a cancerous stage - or at least wasn't for me. it meant there was a higher probability that it could develop into cancer but by no means had to - now I do not know what it means to your doc so please ask them first.
  4. I had one of these around when I was 19 or 20. I had HPV. It's really not a big deal, as far as I understand it. I did the check-ups to monitor it and had the colposcopy. It's now been about 7 years. I go back every year for my annual, and haven't had an abnormal pap since that one. It's just a preventative to make sure the abnormal cells you have resolve instead of turning into cancer.
  5. Both my sister and I have dealt with this situation. I was probably around 32 when I got an abnormal reading, and I had to go through 2 colposcopies in 6 months because that's what my doc ordered. She wanted me to go through a 3rd one and that's when I changed doctors. I had had enough of what I believed was aggressive treatment and monitoring. Lo and behold, when I went to the new doc, my pap was normal. What does that mean? It could be that the abnormal cells went away on their own, or it also could mean that the doc was overzealous. I'll never know. I've been "normal" ever since.

    My sister wasn't as lucky. When she was in college she had precancerous cells, which had to be removed with surgery. I believe she went under general anesthesia for it. Thankfully, she's been normal since, and even with potential scarring, she was able to have a child with no complications 4 years ago at age 29.
  6. I had an abnormal pap a year ago and went for the colposcopy and all was well. Went back for a second colposcopy 3 months later and all was still well and am now in another month, 6 months further down the line, going for a third.

    Abnormal paps are very common.
  7. I hear often that after the first abnormal pap smear things come back normal after the second check up a few months later......it's so important to stay on top of the situation.
  8. I used to have them all the time then had a simple surgery last year and they have been normal since! Tons of women have abnormals paps throughout their lives!
  9. Every single one of my paps has been abnormal but I always go for follow-ups just in case...
  10. Just make sure you stay on top of it. I'm sure it'll be fine.
  11. Lots of my friends have had abnormal paps and they've all turned out to be just fine.

    I've always had normal paps though so I'd probably be a little freaked if one came back abnormal too.