Abnormal Pap Smear???

  1. I went to the doctor last week, and had completely forgotten about it until....he called a minute ago and told me my pap smear was abnormal:wtf: . I was so taken aback, I didn't even ask any reasonable questions...but he basically told me, that we could wait 3 months and then do a repeat pap...and if it is still abnormal they will freeze those cells off. I opted for having it done immediately, as just the thought of abnormal cells in my body is making me nervous. Has this happened to anyone??? Need I be even more freaked out than I am already????
  2. I think until your repeat pap smear you really shouldn't worry too much. I know it's easier said than done, but you don't want to jump the gun and have an unecessary surgery. There could be a number of reasons for having an abnormal pap and sometimes the body can rid itself of these abnormal cells on it's own.

    I on the other wasn't as lucky. After I found out I had an abnormal pap my gyno did a biopsy and turned out I had to have minor surgery. The whole ordeal was rather stressful but the surgery itself wasn't bad at all. The worst part was the catheter.

    I'm sure you will be fine. Call back your doctor and have him address any concerns you may have.
  3. I've had that happen before, too. My doctor froze the abnormal cells off, and all my subsequent pap smears have been normmal. This was over 15 years ago.The procedure itself wasn't bad at all. It was done in the office. Try not to worry, I know it's hard. (((hugs)))
  4. I had an abnormal Pap years ago, but it was fine the next time, and I've never had an abnormal one again. Like the other ladies are saying, I also had a friend with an abnormal Pap and she had some cells frozen and she's been fine ever since (20+ years ago). I know it's hard when something comes back abnormal, but try not to stress too much for now. By the way, though, it's been a long time, but I don't remember waiting three months to be rechecked. You might want to try to go back sooner for your peace of mind.
  5. Almost every woman gets it, atleast once. It could be HPV which could be caused from anything. Anything from trying on bathing suits, to having sex, to bacteria in your soap. I had to have the freezing cells before. It's a little uncomfortable when they do it, but you'll be fine.
  6. I agree with Allison. I absolutely freaked out when my doctor called and told me that my pap smear was abnormal. I am not a fan of the OBGYN anyway, and then to tell me that. I went in for the 2nd pap and it was fine. It was actually caused from an infection I had. I was just happy they didn't have to freeze the cells. I heard from many people, that is not an pleasureable experience.

  7. How long did you wait before your follow up pap??? I think instead of going right away to have the cells frozen off...I will just wait to take the second pap...I am a lot less stressed about it today thatn I was yesterday...now that I have had time to process!! Thanks everyone for your tales of vaginal woe!!!
  8. Funny you mention this as I JUST had an abnormal pap, had a biopsy and discovered I had dysplasia. My doctor does not do the cryosurgery (freezing) as mentioned above because it is not supposed to be as accurate as the minor surgery (LEEP) I just had a couple weeks ago. They also did a biopsy on that and it was fine and they did get it all. Any decent doctor would NEVER perform the cryosurgery unless you need it. You are kinda jumping the gun here! I am sure you are fine and in MOST of the cases the abnormal cells go away on their own. There are different levels of abnormality. Yours would seem to be a level one (undetermined significance-could be anything) as your doctor only recommended a repeat pap. If you had something more serious it typically shows up.

    Most women have at least one abnormal pap in their lives! Don't worry! I promise it will be fine!
  9. Thanks Syntagma...that makes me feel better...my doctor said basically the ssame thing...that the cryosurgery was unnecessary at this point...so I think I will ride it out until my next pap....I may even have to buy a new bag to make myself feel better about my minor scare:graucho: !!!
  10. LOL- you sound JUST like me! :wtf: OMG I use every excuse in the book! :yes: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  11. HPV is actually a sexually transmitted virus, I have never heard of it being transmitted any other way than vaginal intercourse (and yes, you can be exposed even if your partner wore a condom)...I have had it for several years, and being that it is a virus, it is entirely possible that it will clear up on its own, it really depends mostly on your immune system's capability to handle the virus. I wouldn't worry, statistics show that at least 30% of all sexually active women will have HPV at some point in their lives...modern technology has made treatments (such as freezing off the cancer cells) a very routine practice...:smile:
  12. I had an abnormal pap too. Instead of jumping to an invasive procedure it's good to wait the 3 months. After my abnormal pap, I went in 2 more times and they took tissue samples each time. They were still showing as abnormal but didn't develop into anything more serious.

    At this point I was frazzled and didn't want to have any more samples taken. (I'm not a very good patient; I'm a nervous wreck.) So when my doctor recommended taking samples for a 3rd time that's when I switched doctors. This was months later. I had my new doctor take a new pap test and it came out completely normal. I haven't had an abnormal pap since, and it's been at least 5 years.

    What doctors don't tell you is that in most cases, the body fights off these abnormal cells by itself. I believe it's in 70% of all abnormal cases. So don't freak out.
  13. You're absolutely correct. 99% of abnormal pap smears are caused by the HPV virus which can ONLY be transmitted sexually. So you can't catch is from a towel, bathing suit or a toilet seat, etc.

    It CAN go away on its own and it CAN be transmitted to other partners so if you know you've got it you need to make sure you tell anyone you're planning on being intimate with.

    They have actually come out with a new vaccine for this virus which will hopefully eliminate it in the future.
  14. First of all, try not to worry!!!!!!!!! :heart:

    HPV is a virus/STD that MANY people carry and it does not show up. It can be treated easily if it is that...

    But I want to ask you, what test did they use for the pap- as in did they do the new high resolution pap screen, because MANY women are showing an abnormal pap, when really it is just how your body 'normally' is. The problem with the Hi-res paps are the Dr's are not used to these tests and the results yet since it is so new- and they pick up many things that are nothing really.

    Hang in there!!
  15. If you had you pap done right before your period, that can also cause abnormal results. Its happened to me several times. Not too worry it happens to lots of women all of the time.