abnormal bleeding--pls don't read if you are uncomfy with this!

  1. So usually I get ovulation spotting--brownish/pink light spotting that occurs for 1-2 days during ovulation. This cycle, I had ovulation spotting this past Tuesday/Wednesday and everything seemed normal. Then my bf came to visit me and today I think things were a little rougher than usual because afterwards I had some abnormal vaginal bleeding on the toilet paper. It was light pink and I assumed it was simply ovulation bleeding, but a couple of hours later after dinner, I went to the bathroom and saw bright red blood, just like my period! It's been a few hours and it's still going--not extremely heavy, but bright red like my period.

    Have any of you ladies experienced this after rougher sex? I took a pregnancy test and it's negative, but I am going to try and rule out pregnancy spotting as the problem. I don't feel any pain or discomfort. Do you think maybe it's a continuation of my ovulation spotting?

    I would appreciate any advice or sharing of experiences! Thanks so much!
  2. Do you get regular pap smears?
  3. Okay, hope you don't mind if this is graphic, but I'm guessing you don't since you posted the question. I had some sort of rough sex once and when I stood up after I squirted blood all over. And I wasn't on my period before the sex either. I freaked out and called my OB and she basically said that sometimes you just have a heavy period out of the blue and our bodies do strange things sometimes. She knows my history and didn't seem worried at all and it never happened since.

    But if you are concerned check with your doctor. I'm guessing in my case I must have just jarred something in there loose.
  4. I had the same problem a couple of months ago. Yeah, Dh got a little rougher than usual and I bleed after, it lasted for a few hours and was bright red too so I was scared. I went to see my OB for my regular pap smear next week and she tested me for infections and STDs as well. All the results were negative as I expected. She said perhaps he went it too deep and hurt the cervix and I didnt have anything to worry about.

    I agree with Zophie, see you doctor.
  5. Go see doc i think. It is probably nothing to worry about but it will put your mind at rest.
  6. I have a sensitive cervix and had the same thing happen years ago. As always, call your doc. You will feel so much better if you do!!