? abiut Coach PCE

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  1. I got my card today, the first time Ive received one. Can you buy more than one thing at the 25% off? Will the SAs put things back for you?
  2. You will take the 25% off of your total purchase, no matter how many items you buy you get 25% off everything :smile:

    SA's will put things back for you if you do a pre-sale/pre-order. They put the items on hold for you in the back, and then make an imprint of your credit card, then process it on the PCE day you specify (for instance, saturday) and you can pick up your items then :yes:

    Hope this helps!
  3. Can we ask for a discount if I dont get a PCE card?
  4. ^^^^ Thanks for the info! I guess I will have to go & visit my friendly neighborhood Coach.
  5. You can ask your SA if you can have the discount, yes. Technically they don't have to give it to you if you are not a preferred customer, but if your purchase is large enough I bet they will :yes:
  6. Sarah,

    Is purchasing a parchment medium carly and a legacy leather shoulder considered large? :confused1: Anyhow, do you know if ergo red patent only comes in large hobo? I am dying for a red patent bag but the ergo hobo is too large for me, is there one in a smaller or mdium size? I read someone talking about it they said it is not on the website?:confused1:
  7. it never hurts to just ask your sa.
  8. There is a smaller Ergo Patent Tote which is available for
    $398. There is no smaller Hobo being made at this time by Coach. Search for threads by me and you will be able to find the item No. for the Ergo Patent tote.
  9. Kallison's right, it never hurts to just ask your SA. If you're buying two bags, I'm sure they'll help you out!
  10. The card came addressed to my DH - can I use it? It is kind of funny because my Coach purchases have been much more than his (he bought me 2 things on the Internet). How come the card came address to him?
    Sorry for the ignorance
  12. Kalpana - just in cause you just wanted to know what PCE stands for, it's Preferred Customer Event. I know the abbreviations around here are sometime hard to figure out when you are a newbie. (I am still a newbie here!)