Abit upset.. lost a wattle..

  1. During lunch time, I found a small piece of leather on my chicken keycharm is missing, I think it fell out. My rooster has a missing wattles .. I don't know if H can do anything about it :cry: any ideas, ladies?
  2. OH NO!!! :sad: Is it really obvious? Got a picture of it?
    Don't know if something can be done to save it though....
  3. um, what's a wattle?
  4. Oh no! I'm sorry about your keychain! It's definitely worth a try to see if Hermes can replace the, um, wattle.

    But I have to admit the thread title is really, really funny.

    ETA: I think a wattle is the part of a chicken's neck that hangs down...sort of part of its cheeks/part of its chin.
  5. PF - I am sorry this happened to you but I have to admit to having a little lol about his wattle falling off :shocked:

    I would show them at the boutique next time you're there.
  6. I had to find the correct word for the rooster's anatomy :p Here's the missing part... :cry:
  7. tricia.. it's obvious ... right?? missing wattle!! :sad:

    I got the rooster cos it is my DH chinese horrorscope!
  8. I'm sorry, PF!

    Errrr, it actually looks nice in yellow.
  9. sorry to hear about the missing wattle!

    maybe H can help you out, but if not, maybe a leather repair store could fill it and and dye it? let us know what happens!
  10. I think it looks cute! But if it bothers you, I am sure they will fix the missing wattle!
  11. You naughty thing Queenie!!
  12. Yeah, it's kinda obvious and ...... funny too!! :p Sorry!

    Hmmm... Could it be a sign? Maybe you want to warn your DH to be careful about things on the right side of his face? His ear, or shaving on the right cheek, or..............
  13. u know our minds do wander alot... :roflmfao:

    It's so obvious urgh! I don't know if H can fix it or should I just go out and find another rooster. :sad:
  14. :nuts:
  15. OK - so at least you can see the funny side ;) (phew)

    I think he's kinda cute with only one wattle - poor little chickie... surely you wouldn't look for a new rooster :cry: