Ability to jump from subforum to subforum

  1. Just a thought that came to mind today... I frequent several different subforums, and to go from subforum to subforum I'd have to:

    1. already on subforum 1
    2. click 'back' or maybe on the parent forum's name (in the breadcrumb navigation links)
    3. click on a different parent forum name
    4. then finally get to subforum 2

    I'm wondering if there's a way to provide navigation from subforum to subform... maybe a "go to" dropdown listing the different subforums?

    Thanks Megs and Vlad!
  2. I just open them in different windows then refresh when I'm back on that window for the updates
  3. Have you tried the tabs on Firefox, easiest way to navigate!;)
  4. I use Firefox tabs too... but let me ask Vlad and see if there is a way to do this. It could be helpful, I see what you are saying