Ability to control # of posts per page?

  1. I went to the CP, tried both options shown, and I'm either slow or the forum does not allow users to choose the number of posts per page..? :confused1:

    Not a huge deal, but I was curious. :smile:

  2. The forum does not allow that right now... it is at a set number :yes:
  3. ^LOL I was lost one day when I went to view my subscribed threads and they had so many pages! I have my count set to 40 posts per page originally until the forum was reset.
  4. i was curious about this also. :smile: hopefully later it can be changed to 40 posts per page.
  5. Ah, okay, so I'm not as dense as I thought! :lol:

    Thanks for the response!

    I'm hoping one day it can be changed as well. I like to scroll. :choochoo::greengrin: