Ability of H stores to search for items within H network?

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  1. Hi,

    I tried searching for info about this, but did not come up with anything, so thought I would ask here..

    When an SA does an item search for you, is it only in stores that are in the US? Or is it not even all US stores? Or, does the search include all H stores in the world (I'm guessing this is unlikely)? If nothing turns up in the US, can an SA be asked to search the stores in Europe and see what they have? Or is that just logistically impossible?

    Sorry for all of the questions - I'd be grateful for any info!

  2. My experience has been when my SA does a search its only within the US.
  3. Same here. And, I do most of my shopping by phone, which means I let my SA know what I want, and she finds it for me.

    Hope this helps.

  4. I have never been able to get them to search the inventory outside of the US either - although I have seen people mention global searches previously :shrugs:
  5. Hi amamxir, Cavalier Girl, and Ranag!

    Thanks very much for the information! I figured that searching the entire worldwide H inventory would probably be expecting too much - but, a girl can hope.
  6. When I was looking for a particular watch at the South Coast Plaza store, the SA checked all the US stores. When that did not yield any results he offered to check in Europe. I'm not sure whether this meant checking via the same system, calling the stores, e-mail or what. But it seems there is a way for them to check with at least some non-US stores.
  7. There is indeed a way for them to check outside the US for a particular item. However, there are a lot of variables that go into whether they'll even admit to being able to do it for you. Generally, if they know you and you're a good customer, they'll offer...... it also depends on what the item is - if it's something that the SD knows was actually offered at podium, but also knows that no stores in the US ordered it, they'll probably be more inclined to try to locate it for you.
  8. They can definitely do it.
  9. I have transfered RTW clothings from Japan to US. There was absolutely nothing in my size for that certain set of clothings I wanted in US. So, my SA transfered all the way from Japan to US for me. And another time, my SA transfered from Paris to US for another set of RTW clothings for me as well.
  10. The stores in Singapore will do global searches for certain things like belts, scarves, RTW etc., but not high-demand items like birkins and other bags. It takes a long time though - I was told that wherever the item is located, if that store is willing to let it go, it has to be shipped back to Paris before being redirected. Could take months!
  11. What I have learned is that there is a global search person in Paris that the stores turn to to do global searches and then they contact the particular stores to see if they are prepaired to transfer the item in question to the store that asked.
  12. Over here they check the UK first, then Europe, then global. They generally won't do a search outside Europe for anything less than a scarf
  13. Yup. My omnibus scarf came to me from Italy after 2 months.
  14. MY SA in Chicago acted like a dummy as if it's not possible. Since I know for a fact it is, it really annoyed me and I left the store. Going to return the item I bought and buy it in Charlotte when I'm there next month.
  15. One thing I find funny though - my SA at Liat always volunteers to check Taka (first choice) and then do a global search (2nd choice) if it still can't be found. Haven't heard her saying she will check the DFS stores... wonder why? I know they're different management, but it makes sense to check the local stores first, before venturing out global, no? :shrugs: