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  1. I wonder what you all think of Abigail. Either on the website or IRL. It's rarely mentioned here. Is it a dead loss or a slow burner? Is it too early to say?

    My first reaction was negative but I think that was maybe to the suede croc which isn't my cup of tea. And I wasn't struck much on the hardware. Trying to keep an open mind though.
  2. Im not that keen on the shape of it to be honest - though lets face it, nothing ever looks right on the Mulberry website.

    I LOVE the colour of this one though ...

    Mulberry - Luxury English Fashion

    Just a shame that carrying it would give me the heebie jeebies!! :nuts:

    Hmm .. think I will reserve any proper judgement til I have seen it in the store.

    Can you go in & ask when Dr Death's next day off is please? I will go in then! ;)

    (I have called to ask that before you know .. :roflmfao: )
  3. I think it looks an odd shape, I wouldn't buy it, but it may look fab on someone else!
  4. I'm not that keen on the Abigail, mainly because I don't like the oversized hardware at the front of the bags. It reminds me of those aggressive looking Gucci bags.
  5. Yes that's the one that made me think my issue was with the suede croc and too much gold on the front of the bag because this one is quite nice.

    I actually recoiled from the suede croc Bays and Abigails in the shop. Dr Deaths House of Horrors.

    I'd love to know his day off or his lunch hour. He went to the bank 11am on Monday morning last week
  6. Exactly it's so un-Mulberry. Maybe they are trying to break into the bling bling market.
  7. Are you secretly stalking him, yet pretending to dislike him on here? :graucho: :biggrin: :nuts:
  8. :roflmfao:

    I was returning Cerise Tote for the E/W. He was going to serve me until he realised that it was an exchange and I got passed to a handmaiden.

    I don't think stalking him would do me any good?

    I think he may bat for the Mitzis rather than the Felixs ?? I've been wrong before though.
  9. :roflmfao: You are not wrong ... :P

    Ah you are too funny ... your posts always make me giggle. I must admit to snorting with laughter on the train when I thought of the three way cock ... was trying to tell my employer about that & the "show us your flaps" thread earlier but I was laughing so hard he was like "Alison, wait til you can breathe, eh? " :roflmfao:
  10. "Its fefe" who started the descent into flapdom was saying Edinburgh Mulberry is a friendly store. Sounds more accessible than ours. I may go through. Some of the ladies down south have to travel a lot further for a store. Can't you organise an educational trip through to the Capital? I never shop in Edinburgh. It will be an experience.
  11. The Edinburgh store used to be Dr Death's domain.. I do believe he sometimes spends time through there even now! Be afraid .. be very afraid!! :nuts:
  12. Was he Burke or Hare?
  13. :confused1::shrugs::shucks:

    You just lost me there .. sorry :lol:
  14. They were infamous grave robbers in the 19th Century. They dug up freshly buried bodied and sold them to doctors at Edinburgh University for research.

    Showing my age !!!!
  15. :roflmfao:

    More like the dead body in that case ...!!

    By the way - you look great for having been around in the 19th century!! :nuts: