Abigail embossed croc bag in Bronze?

  1. Does any one have this bag and can post a picture of it? What color is the lining and is it comfortable to wear? I have one on hold at an outlet and I'm not sure if I want to drive 45 minutes to go get it.

  2. If mine had one - i would ~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    what is the style #
  3. My store got only one in from another store. I was there yesterday and bought the Laila but they didn't 't get the transfer yet. The manager said they'll hold it for me until tomorrow. I think the style # is 18616 .
  4. This is a beautiful bag - the lining is purple. Not to be a downer, but I ordered 2 in the past week. The first one came with a huge defect on the front - like a spot the size of a 50cent piece had been rubbed with sandpaper. My store ordered me another - which came yesterday, and I had to also return. It came in the box, no dustbag, only wrapped in tissue paper. No stuffing - so it came folded in half horizontally - It had a huge crease - about 6 inches long, the edge of the crease raw leather. I was fuming - and couldn't see how JAX could ship this bag, and not see the defect - let alone ship without a dustbag. As much as I want this bag, I'm afraid to order another.
    This probably isn't the place to post this issue - but my suggestion is to look the bag over well if you purchase.
    Do you know if it's outlet price - or just a return from full price - as they still have 157 in JAX.
  5. Thanks everyone for your input. I just called and did a charge hold on it since I won't be able to get there until next week. I asked the sp to look it over and she said it looks great. I'm so excited and can't wait to get it. Since I was there yesterday they are honoring the 50 % off and another 30% off.:happydance:
  6. NICE...congrats! Cant wait to see a reveal!!