1. How big are the Abercrombie sweatshirts? I'm a XS and they only carry S. Think that'd be too big? I like my sweatshirts fitted. Don't like to look like a schulmp...
  2. it depends on the style. if it's the pullover hoodie with the logo across the chest, it's a bit oversized. i wear a S and the small AF sweatshirt fits me just fine. but if it's the zip up or any other style, they run small. so order a S or even M if you don't want it to shrink into children's clothes in the dryer. hope this helps.
  3. They're all pretty fitted as far my experience goes. S should be good :tup:

    Or you can try an XL in kids abercrombie. I'm the same size as you and both work.
  4. Speaking of Abercrombie, has anyone tried their jeans? I'm a 0 and have seen a pair at the their website that I like but I don't know how their sizes go.
  5. I used to work at Abercrombie for a long time.

    I always found that their sweatshirts were pretty true to size...but I kinda like my sweatshirts larger, so I would always get a medium for that extra shoulder room (really the only size difference.)

    As far as our jeans go, every single pair is different. I usually wear a size 2..but I have pairs of jeans in my closet from Abercrombie, same style and whatnot, ranging from 0s that are almost loose, to 4s that are slightly on the tight side.

    So, I would LIKE to say that the jeans run true to size, but it's really pretty hard because the same exact jean in the same exact style and wash will fit differently.

    However, general guidelines...if you have bigger thighs, Madisons are the way to go, because they are cut more generously through the thigh, and they have stretch (and they will stretch out as you wear them). Emmas are my favorite, and they are the bootcut, and they are tighter through the thigh and a little higher on the waist. Then there are the Erins which are straight leg...and very very skinny. Hehe, those you would definitely have to size up in.

    Hope this helps. ^_^
  6. Thanks Hats!! I may just go try on some jeans at the store. I think the one that I've been eyeing is called Kelly.
  7. Hmmm...

    Well, I know the three styles that we always keep in stock at the store are Madison, Emma, and Erins..

    If they are Kellys, I would imagine those are specialty jeans that we get in once and awhile (so they don't fall into the categories above)....so I couldn't tell you how those fit.

    I know that we did get some Wide Leg ones in recently...but I haven't worked there since I went back to school so I'm not on top of any of the new styles.

    Good luck!
  8. Thanks! I think it is one of their specialty jeans. I'll keep you posted if I do go try that pair of jeans on.
  9. I usually have to go up a size in Abercrombie shirts.
  10. The XS and S shouldn't make too much of a difference.
  11. I've got a question? How about t-shirts? Are they meant to be really tight, a little looser, ...? Should I get my normal size or size up?

    I love the humor tees, hehe
  12. If the S in Abercrombie sweatshirts are still too big you can try Abercrombie kids. I like my sweatshirts super fitted so I ordered a M in kids and it was perfect. But like some have said depending on the style, each may fit a little different.
  13. From my experience, Abercrombie is very small! I only have a few Abercrombie and a few Hollister items (they only sell it in a little place called "America Today" once in a while, we don't have an A&F shop) and they're tiny.
    But I don't own a hoodie, just some tops, maybe the hoodies and sweaters are larger.
  14. Depending on the style of T-shirt, depends on how it fits. For example, a lot of the loose, flowing tank tops in the summer are meant to be really big. However, most of the humor shirts and such, you SHOULD size up in, cause they are just way way too small...and honestly, there isn't much difference between a small and a medium, except in the room in the shoulders, and where the t-shirt wraps around your arm.

    And Hollister and Abercrombie run differently, as well. The Abercrombie "chain" goes like this:

    Hollister: "pre-teen"

    Abercrombie: "teenager, high school, early college."

    Ruehl: Abercrombie's older brother, which is like, Abercrombie refined, and more for the grad student, etc.

    But because Hollister is more aimed at the pre-teen, it runs a lot smaller. A small at Abercrombie is at LEAST a medium at Hollister.

    That's just how that works.