abercrombie sizes

  1. i'm pretty petite. and i usually wear jcrew's 0P or Gap's XSP. Would Abercrombie's XS be too big?

  2. It should be fine for you, but if you really can't fit into A&F XS, try the kids store in XL. :biggrin:
  3. I'm assuming you're talking about tops, correct? Depends on the shirt/sweater style. I'm also petite and I take a 0/2 in pants from A&F. I find that their tops run small for me. Also, GAP fits big on me. I hope I did not confuse you more.
  4. The size XS runs true to size. It depends on the top,as well the material.To be honest in A&F the tee shirts&&jeans are the only things that run true to size. As a poster mentioned before, go to abercrombie kids. If you are a size XS go to the kid store,our kids like have the EXACT designs,as well significantly cheaper!. The Hoodie sizes jump around,and the sweaters run small!.
  5. ^^^^ That's all true.
    You should just go and start trying stuff on and you can mix and match your purchases between the adult AF and the kids abercrombie...but if you are really petite then you will probably be fine with the kids line...their styles are just as cute :smile: and of course cheaper like the above poster said.

  6. Ditto! I am a size 0/2 and I wear a size Small or Medium from Abercrombie depending on how tight or loose I want the shirt to be.
  7. I wear a GAP XSP and Jcrew 0P as well (Banana Republic's 0P is too big for me) and I usually wear an XS in Abercrombie & Fitch clothes. Usually! Like other posters have mentioned, the top sizes vary greatly due to both style/cut and fabric. It's best if you try things on. Bottoms run large in my opinion (00 is usually too loose for me).
  8. I'm the same as you guys.

    I'm a 2 in Abercrombie bottoms, but generally take a medium on top.

    I find their bottoms run big and their tops run small. I almost always take a small in tops except with them.
  9. hi, i am an xs for all the other labels and sometimes, it can even be too big.
    for abercrombie, i go to either small or medium.
    their clothes shrink after washing and dryer so.... xs normally becomes abit smaller after all that.