Abercrombie, Hollister, Jack Wills, Super Dry, Uggs!!!

  1. OK OK I know they are not high fashion and could only be worn for casual days dottering about the house, walking the dog, family days out etc etc...

    But dont you just adore the quality of these brands and their cosy cotton fabrics! I just adore the hoodies and joggers especially for just slumping about the house. Or some of the nice cashmere blend sweaters they do too! I'm not saying for a min i'd wear them on a night out or a day out shopping in town... but yeh happy to admit I love them for simple day to day comfort when your slumping around! My Uggs especially soooooooo cosy!

    Anyone else happy to admit it too??? What are your thoughts.
  2. I used to wear those in high school! I still have some A&F and Ruehl sweatshirts but thats about it. I usually wear them during the winter time if its cold in the house but thats about it. I loved Ruehl though. So soft and cuddly. lol
  3. See I sorta missed all that out when I was at school/ uni... It's wasn't really in! I guess though I dont really see those brands as fashion items just practical and cosy! But do love them and do think whilst not being fashionable they are stylish and the best quality when comming to that sorta wear!

    I've never even heard of Ruehl? US brand I take it?
  4. ^Yes, Ruehl was from A&F. A&F are the makers of obviously A&F, Hollister, Ruehl, Gilly Hicks. Ruehl cost them too much and was done with. A&F is mostly for high schoolers and Ruehl was for college/uni students.
  5. I haven't touched any of those brands after I graduated high school 4 years ago. I haven't touched anything with "Abercrombie & Fitch" or "Hollister" plastered on it since my sophomore year of high school. I don't think the quality of Abercrombie and company exceeds cotton items I can buy from Target, to be honest. I wore it back during my early years in high school for the label, I'm embarrassed now.
  6. The only thing I still buy are cardigans from Abercrombie, the plain ones. I like the ones they are making with lace detailing on them, and their plain colored ones. They go well with a jeans and tshirt look or over my church dresses. They, to me, are just basics to keep around for those situations but not as a fashion statement like they used to be.
  7. I've been out of high school for 4 years now, and still shop at Abercrombie! Mostly kids lol
    I like their stuff! I'm in a transitional faze I guess because I don't dress like I'm in high school (constantly :p ) I love to just wear jean shorts and tank tops or tshirts every day. However I don't work and I'm a student. But I do have my days where I wear cute dresses and heels etc. I think my coolest outfits with the least Abercrombie etc are in the fall. But uggs on the other hand! I used to have the chestnut tall uggs, and they fell apart. I have the snow boots since I live in Canada, and after purchasing my Canada goose a few weeks ago, I'm going to buy black and chestnut tall uggs. Im obsessed! I think you don't have to look like a high school kid if you throw your own style in rather than just buying off the models. I used to work at Abercrombie and every girl that walked in would want what we were wearing! Ok this is a rant now lol
  8. Great points well made! I dont think they are high school associated brands either. If that's all you wear then I can see why but like rogersa says if you mix it up it's fine!
  9. I love Jack Wills, although some of the prices of dresses and shoes are as nearly much as high end. Aubin & Wills have some nice stuff too. I've never shopped much at hollister/abercrombie because the shops are pretty far away from me and I can never find their stuff cheap enough on eBay to justify buying without trying on :sad:

    I do only really buy items from those shops without the huge logos on though.
  10. I wear my uggs all of the time (cost per wear mainly) , i like some of the superdry stuff not is quite expensive for what it is , where i work they sell superdry about 80% cheaper than rrp but is still quite dear.Ive not really hear of Jack Wills and Aubin & Willls . Abercrombie/Hollister are more college/uni with the big logos stamped across