Abercrombie & Fitch

  1. Hi! Do their tops fit true to size? I am usually a size S in most designers, sometimes can go an XS. Please advise.
  2. I have my eyes on their babydoll styles top -- should I go one size down? How bout their fitted top -- should I stay with my true size? Thanks
  3. I always go up a size as they always shrink when I wash.
  4. they shrink a little bit like LVobsessed mentioned and they always fit small. I'm an XS in juicy, but then to go for small or (medium in hoodies) in Abercrombie because XS is always too tight
  5. Thanks! So should I order Medium?
  6. Abercrombie is ALWAYS a size smaller than your usual size. I suggest going to the store to see what fits best.
  7. NOT TRUE TO SIZE. I repeat, NOT TRUE TO SIZE. I usually wear a medium, and Abercrombie's XL does NOT fit me. I'd say go one size up if you wear a small. This is why I don't shop there, I feel like a whale.
  8. I have a 4 of their baby doll tops - 3 in XS and 1 in Small - they're all big - but that's sort of the style...no? I'm 5'2 and 100 pounds for reference.

    This is a small:

    This is XS:
  9. Just go one size up. Im a small in every designer and anything from Abercrombie in a medium is perfect after a wash. I :heart: A&F!
  10. You might also need to consider your *ahm* chest size? I used to go just one size up but have recently found myself a cup size bigger and now I have to go up two sizes because things are really tight across the front.
  11. Thanks everyone! we don't have a store locally and if I want to try things on, that means I have to drive across the border and head to the States.
    I think I will order size Medium. Thanks
  12. Thanks livinluxuriously! You look great!!

  13. i usually wear a Medium.

    but on othe AnF/ Hollister Baby T's i need to get a large . but in the tanks and babydoll shirts i need to get a Medium. On the hoodies I have to get a large.
  14. It depends. I'm a S/XS too but I have C cup boobs, so at Abercrombie I'm usually a M/L.
  15. that's true.. have to consider the cup size...
    I'm typically a size S in abercrombie, and I'm a 34C cup. For babydolls, I got mine in size medium since i couldn't breathe when I tried on the size small.