Abercrombie & Fitch is great for petite people!!

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  1. #1 Jul 3, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2009
    I don't know why I never really went in there before...

    I suppose I am too old for their age demographic (I'm 31). I'm self employed though so I can dress as casual and "skimpy" as I like. I'm very petite (4ft11" and barely 90lbs) so I always had a hard time finding clothes in sizes XS small even.

    I discovered that size 00 short denim shorts there fits me perfectly and I fit most of their tops in XS. I just really like the fit because everything is so tight and fitted.

    I see a lot of adults shopping in there as well so I don't think it's just a teen brand. Lots of petite asian women as well (in their late 20's and 30's too). I'm asian myself with a very small frame so I'm very happy to find a clothes where the clothes actually fit me.

    I don't mind the loud music, I like my music loud. Last time I was there they were playing Rick Astley and Donna Summer and I actually remember listening to those songs back in the 80's. I don't mind their racy ads either.

    I have read about how the store only hires good looking people and was sued for discrimination but it doesn't really bother me. I saw plenty of minorities working in the store I went to and the most important thing to me was the FIT. The clothes fit me like a glove. I love it.
  2. My friend used to wear abercrombie jeans a lot when we were younger, because she was like you, very short and petite. But I"ve always had the longest legs in the world, and the jeans don't fit me right.
  3. have you tried there long jeans? theres xyzS & xyzL.
    I love abercrombie and Fitch's underwear store, gilly hicks. the undies are perfect. not to big and not to snug. love it.
  4. I actually haven't tried their regular jeans, just the denim shorts and those fit me just right. I also like their tank tops and camis.

    As for jeans I wear J Brand 10" jeans. They fit me like normal jeans and not cropped ones although I think they are supposed to be cropped for people with a "norma" height.
  5. A&F is definitely great for petite people, or people who are slim and have little to no curves. When I was younger, A&F fit me really well because I had no chest or butt. But then the body parts came flying in by the time I graduated high school so I don't think I look good in their clothes anymore.

    My mom however is SUPER petite and she always says A&F are one of the few places that make clothing that will fit her. Although I agree with many of you, most of their jeans are way too long.

  6. I have no curves. I'm 31 but I'm a 30A :sad: Don't have a butt either. So their 00 shorts and XS tops fit me very well. I am guessing their jeans would be too long for me. I have never found jeans that fit me lengthwise (4ft 11) except for cropped jeans.
  7. Since you mentioned you fit into their XS... I can only recommend that you don't buy their tops at full-price. Wait for the end-of-the-season clearance as XS is usually the ONLY size that's left. If I could fit into a XS, it would be a huge waste of money to buy it at full-price. I get so angry when I walk in & see all the mediums gone, lol! :P
  8. ^ I would totally agree with that.

    A&F tops are horrible on me, they do not have enough coverage in the chest department and make the tops super short on me. The pants however fit amazing, i have alot of curves and im short but i love their spandex-like skinny jeans. Ive gotten jeans from them as low as $10 and never ever buy anything full price at their store.
  9. I don't like a lot of their branded mallrat looks, but their basics and denim are indeed great for petite adults. I'm so glad they've finally gotten past that moose embroidery thing. I was disappointed when that started showing up on every style and thought they would never get past it.
  10. Vynil and Pearlishthegurl,

    I have gotten some stuff from the clearance rack too and their sales are great and quite cheap I might add! I did get a few tops at full price though because I thought it was too cute and was afraid it might get sold out by the time it got to sale.

    I do check out their website regularly as well and noticed that most of their stuff eventually does go on sale, sometimes the price gets cut even twice! I love it.
  11. I love their jeans..I swear they are the only place i can find jeans that fit me great...and im a size 8 or 10 lol so im not tiny but still
  12. I used to shop in there all the time- until the boobs came along! The jeans do fit great, my favorite pair of jeans is from there, $20 on sale! And they do have alot of XS at the sales, so keep your eyes out! :happydance:
  13. I'm also very petite (4'11", 85lbs) and I find A&F a great resource for nice sweaters! I found 100% cashmere A&F sweaters last season on sale for $20! They're my favorite sweaters...and they fit like a glove!
  14. I've always had very slim hips and thighs so I always find that A&F's jeans and pants work perfectly for me. For very petite people there is also abercrombie kids, which has childrens sizes but most of the clothes do not look childish.
  15. ^^ I'm definitely guilty of buying some pants at Abercrombie kids- I'm also little and petite, and the inseam/sizing of their size 14S pants fits me perrrrfectly.