Abercrombie Alternative

  1. Does anyone have a comfy casual "T-Shirt/Hoodie" clothing recommendation?

    I feel ridiculous wearing Abercrombie (a little too teenie bopper for me now) but find myself throwing on my old Aber hoodies when I need to run an errand... especially after a meal because they are comfortable and don't require a flat stomach... :smile:

  2. You can try ruhl or ruel, sorry can't remember how they spell it. Its a more expensive and classy line of clothing, with out all the logos! :smile:
  3. have you tried American Eagle or Aeropostale............I would have to say though that they don't compare in quality but that's just my opinion. ;)

    besides, what's wrong w/A&F?? I see alot of people in my area that wear that and Hollister and I'm talking SAHM's!!
  4. ruehl............it's A&F's high line kinda like Hollister is the low line ;)

  5. Nothing against A&F... I just want something comfy that looks a little more grown up... I have a sister 5 years younger than me and she doesn't even wear Aber anymore...
  6. J crew is pretty grown up, yet cute and comfy.
  7. Ruehl is just as logo-sodomized as Abercrombie.

    Not sure what your style is but Jcrew has some more grown up hoodie alternatives.. i think these are cute and come in lots of colours!



    there's also always Primp, Juicy, and other simular brands though they may be too young for what you're looking for.

    Mike & Chris, too! They have tons of sophisticated versions of the 'hoodie' that are more modern and flattering. I love this one--


    Hope this helps!
  8. How old are you?
    I'm 24 and I probably won't stop wearing my AF hoodies anytime soon. They are too soft and cozy to give up and they are also flattering as some sweatshirts are not.

    It's all on what you want. I doubt people look at you and think you're a little kid for wearing an AF hoodie. But here in Oregon we are very laid back and don't care about such things! :smile:
  9. I'm 30... although the young gene runs in my family (my mom gets carded regularly!)... I'd like something Aber comfy that doesn't say A&F on the front...

    P.S. I LOVE Portland!
  10. Some of American Eagle's hoodies are starting to feel as soft as AF's but they are also making them with a more subdued logo and you can't immediately tell it's AE. I know even younger people shop there than at AF but hey if it feels good and looks good...
  11. Thanks everyone! J Crew is a great suggestion!


    That sweatshirt is delicious!!! There is an American Apparel store walking distance from my house! I'll be there tomorrow!!!

  12. Yay! I'm actually wearing it right now. If I stop being lazy, maybe I could take a picture.

    I don't know what size you are...but I usually wear somewhere between a 2-4...and since American Apparel sizes are so funky, I ended up with a large in this sweatshirt.

    The fit is amazing though. It is the perfect length for me, albeit a little saggy underneath the arms. It looks great when my arms are down or I'm holding my bags though, so I won't complain!

    I hope you find some great clothes there tomorrow!
  13. What about Vince, they have great stuff: comfy and great quality.