Abercrombie, AE, Hollister etc.

  1. Do you wear them? if so why, if not why not?

    me, i do wear them; mainly AE, but i have one A&F shirt i like because the material is soft and fuzzy :love:
  2. i don't like AE b/c of the material/quality and design. not as good.

    AF has gotten repetitive over time but i still love their boy tanks. it's a basic must and really good for layering.

    i prefer AF over AE

    AE, martin and osa are the same

    hollister, AF and ruehl are the same

    martin and osa is AWESOME though in that it recently had, still not sure if it's going on, a 50% off everything that's their label in store. NO tricks.

    jeans, jackets, tanks, everything under their brand, although they do carry asics and such.

    i got a great jacket there half off.
  3. I :heart: AE! Lol, but I am embarassed to say I have never heard of the other brands you are talking about, :shame: .

    OT: Its awesome that you survived cancer! I've lost so many relatives to it, but dont know which kind.
  4. lol where are you from?

    i guess b/c i'm from SF we have all of the ae and af concepts...in one mall.

    and no worries, the martin&osa is soooooo new i think few pple know of it. them and ruehl (there's only ten in US) which is why BOTH stores have 50% off after and during christmas, which is awesome!

    and thanks for the OT comment. mine was lymphoma. i was pretty much a pain in the butt for my doctors because i wanted to know every little detail..

    this coming april would be four years :smile:
  5. Haha, im from MN and we have both in one mall aswell but I donno why I prefer AE. :p

    Four Years? AWESOME!
  6. i really love AF's basic tanks - they maintain their shape over time, whereas most other tanks (i.e. from Banana Republic, Gap, Old Navy, AE) lose shape pretty quickly. Their tees and henleys are also pretty cute for casual days with jeans and flip flops. It's weird though because I think my definition of "casual" is slowly changing from the teenagerish AF/hollister/AE tee/jeans look to sweater/skirt/boots, which means I'm shopping more at JCrew and department stores and only going to AF for basics. I've really never purchased high quality stuff from AE imo, so I've pretty much stopped going there....
  7. I really like Abercrombie for basics like plain tank tops and tees for casual days. I like getting summer jeans there too :smile:
  8. thankS! i'm going for a lifetime. :yes:

    and seriously you can't find a better boy tank then AF. i've tried the cheap ones. and i've had the expensive ones. AF is a nice medium. and the kid's version in L or XL is same as a S or M in adults but it's only 15.50 or 12.50 i can't remember but that's pretty good!

    it's been awhile since i shopped at ae but i prefer their jeans over AFs. Afs stretch too much IMO
  9. I love them all because their items are so easy to layer.
  10. I occasionally find something that I like at AE but I won't even go into AF any more because due to their pattern and practice of discriminatory behavior. Not to mention that they have repeatedly made racially offensive and sexist T-shirts. Their behavior has resulted in multiple lawsuits (the last one forcing them to pay out $40 million in damages) and multiple boycotts (where they often pull the offensive shirts when media pressure is applied - they made some really smug comments last time too, implying that Asians couldn't take a joke or something).

    I don't know if this is what you meant when you asked the question and I don't want to touch off any kind of flaming war or anything but I figure if people can state that (as we often do on this board), that we don't buy fakes due to links to child labor, terrorism, and organized crime that it would be okay to say that I don't shop at AF due to links to racism.
  11. You hit it on the head for me. :yes: :yes:
  12. I've only stepped foot once into AF, it's all plain, and overpriced. I dunno, just not me. I liked a knitted Hollister hoodie once, but never bought it. AE is my favourite of the three, you can usually find some cute thing in there.
  13. Don't like the style. And is their sizing incredibly skewed or what?

  14. Same here! I mean, im 17.. I love shopping at HCO (which is practically exactly like Abercrombie, just cheaper!) and Abercrombie.
    I dont like AE at all, because of the material and quality as ms whitney says!..
    They are have quite a clearance at the moment, so check it out! ahaa.. the only thing i hate about Abercrombie are the pricings on the jeans and hoodies.. $70 for a fleece hoodie? and $100+ for jeans that arent even really a designer.. idk?
  15. From those three stores, I will only wear their jeans, shorts, etc. Everything else(with the exception of a few items) have their names plastered all over it, and I feel like a walking billboard for them if I wear it. So I stay away from those shirts that say Hollister(etc.) all over them. My favorite store of the three would definitely be AE.