Abel vs Romy

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  1. Hello ladies,
    I'm new to the designer shoes department and recently came across some brands that caught my attention. I purchased the Romy in 85mm but for some reason, the fit was off. I normally wear 6.5 but heard I should size up so I ordered Romy 85mm in 7 but it was too big. I returned that and went for 6.5. My toes felt squished but the heel part felt big and very loose. Unfortunately, I had to return it. Disappointed that JC aren't the shoes for me, I bought a pair of Gianvito Rossi pumps in 85mm. Now that shoes fit perfectly. It's one of the most comfortable heels I've tried.
    Then last weekend, I found the Abel style at the JC outlet. I had to size down to 6 as the 6.5 was too big. The fit was much better than the Romy. Is there a reason why Abel would fit better than the Romy? I know it was redesigned to be bigger in the toe box area but the heel is also big. Maybe it's just my feet? So now I feel guilty for having both shoes that are similar in style. Even though the heel height and color are different, I don't know if I should return the GR shoes. I really like both but they're also so expensive. Attached are the 2 pairs for comparison. Excuse the pants as I didn't feel like changing for a picture. The lighter nude is JC and the other praline color is GR.

    Thoughts? Which one looks better? And will they match with most outfits? Would you keep both or return GR? I can't return Abel as it's final sale so it's either return GR or keep both. LOL
    IMG_1864.jpg IMG_1868.jpg
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  2. The nude Jimmy choo looks like a better nude color and will probably go with more. I personally love the look of the jimmy choo, as the heel is more slender. That being said, I imagine the other is more comfortable. I really would choose comfort first.
  3. Thanks for your input Luvnlife. I definitely agree the nude Jimmy Choo will go better with most outfits. I have a few days to decide if I want to keep the other pair of shoes or not. Thanks again.
  4. Hi Fuzzy_Wheatie,
    I do like the JC Nude better! I could be enabling you here, but I think they're just different shades enough that you could justify keeping both so you could match them to different outfits. The lighter seems more spring/summer?

    Tangent on the sizing...
    I got my first pair of the Romy in a 38 (I'm usually 37.5) last year in Patent. I tried the 37, too small, 38 fit comfortably at the boutique. I don't know if it's from the wear, but now the 38's are slightly too big. I get a little slipage of my heel. My feet are really narrow though, and I have worn them with thicker tights in the winter and done a good bit of walking in them. That being said, they're one of the most comfortable pairs of pumps I've ever had. I have a pair of the Romy in Suede as well, also had to get the 38, but they haven't gotten any looser.

    I'm such a newbie though, I didn't know JC had an outlet! There's definitely not one near me. So jelly! :P lol.