Abejas Boutique - 50% Off December 26th Through December 31st

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  1. http://www.abejasboutique.com/searchresult.aspx?CategoryID=47

    *50% off*

    Wednesday, December 26th -Monday, December 31st,
    take 50% off your purchase.

    *Excludes: all bee merchandise
    (because of the philanthropic nature), estate jewelry, fine jewelry. Not valid on past purchases or special orders. Discount available on merchandise in stock only. Web customers use coupon code: 50%OFF

    The Abejas Girls

    Abejas Boutique
    5600 Kirby Dr, Suite 4
    Houston, TX 77005
    Monday-Saturday 10am-7pm; Sunday 12pm-5pm

  2. Thanks for sharing. I happened to be in Houston so I stopped by and found a Mike & Chris trench. I can't believe the markup though. My trench retails for $309 but they priced it at $354. The 50% discount made it worth buying in any case.
  3. ^^ That's a cute trench!