Abdominal Pain during pregnancy... normal?

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  1. I am only on week 7 but since week 5, I've been having mild abdominal pain on my left or right side below my rib. They come and go. Sometimes it lasts whole day and often times it is on my right abdomen. I even have to sleep on my left side to ease the pain.
    There's no spotting so my nurse tell me not to worry. A friend told me about ectopic pregnancy thus I am worried.
    Anyone with similar experience? This is my first pregnancy and I read that it could be my uterus is making room and causing these mild stomach aches?? Just want to check if anyone had similar experience?
  2. have you called your Doc?
    It really could be gas there, I had it bad in that area and it was terrible.
    I'd call anyhow :yes:
    An ectopic pregnancy will usually come w/ bleeding and weakness/dizziness.
  3. Thanks Swanky
    I talked to the nurse on two different occasions. She told me not to worry too much since there's no bleeding and I can still "live with the pain"
    She said it could very well be my uterus making room.
    Not a comforting answer in my opinion :sweatdrop::sweatdrop:
    My first ultrasound is this Friday and I hope not to worry too much until then. Still can't help but worry though :P
  4. true about the uterus, there'll be a lot of uterine stretching and it can be very uncomfortable. And near the bottom of your stomach you'll feel round ligament pain.
    Hang in there!
  5. Make sure to check with your doc, but I also had the same type of pain around the same time. My OB said it was ligament pain/uterine stretching.
  6. Hi Magda, I have that off and on as well, and did with my first pregnancy also. For me, as Swanky said, it was sometimes just gas. Your digestion slows way down when you are pregnant, as well as all the stretching and adjusting that your body is doing. It's just the beginning of many aches and pains you will have. My rule to decide if I need to worry or not is that if the pain comes and goes, or is in different places, then it's probably OK, especially if there's no bleeding. If it were constant and/or if there were bleeding, then I'd worry.
  7. Forgot to mention -- just in case, since I mentioned bleeding -- many women do have a little bit of spotting around 8 weeks. I had it, as did several of my friends. If you look it up or talk to your doctor, it's pretty common. It seems to be that your body thinks it's supposed to have a period around then. So wanted to let you know that if you have a little bit of spotting next week, don't worry too much about that either!
  8. Kimberf is correct UNLESS your blood type is negative. I am a B- and with any spotting, its really dangerous and you might need an Anti-D shot...
  9. I experienced mild pain in my abdominal region at the begining of my pregnancy. One day it was terrible and I called OB/GYN. They told me I was okay as long at I did not have any bleeding. They told me that it was uterine and ligments stretching. Also told me that I could be dehydrated and to make sure that I drink more water. I do notice some cramping on days where I do not get enough fluids in.
  10. I have the same thing. Ultrasounds look fine so I know it's nothing serious. I think it's bloating/constipation.

  11. This what happened to me, I had never been pregnant before so my OB told me I was going to have to "stretch" much more than someone who already had a child. I had horrible pain; I seriously thought I was miscarrying once, but I wasn't obviously, Praise the Lord.

    My OB was wonderful, and he's an obstetrics professor at the university here so I felt comfortable he knew what he was talking about.

    I wouldn't worry about it, and good luck with your ultrasound!
  12. Thank you so much, ladies.
    It does help to hear from you all.
    I know that I shouldn't worry too much :smile: but it's hard to convince myself unless I hear from other people with similar experiences...
    3 more days to ultrasound. Can't wait for our first meeting. DH will be working from home so he can hear the heartbeat too.
  13. So exciting..I had loads of aches and pains and even bleeding and have 3 and divine healthy girls...Enjoy the ride and dont let the views pass you by....!
  14. Sounds like gas to me! I had it so bad to the point of tears. The uterus stretching feels more like menstrual cramps and the round ligament pain is right along your bikini line and it also very uncomfortable.

    Throughout your whole pregnancy you will feel all sorts of aches and pains! Just try not to worry too much, most of it is very common.
  15. Hi Magda, just wanted to let you know that you might not be able to hear the heartbeat at this appt; that may not happen until 10 or 12 weeks. You'll definitely be able to see the heartbeat on the ultrasound at this appointment, though, so it will still be exciting!!