Abdomen liposuction

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  1. Hi,
    Anyone had the procedure done in Korea?
    Wanna check what kind of compression garment they provide and if the crotch area can be opened with hook and eye.
  2. I heard when you order compressive garment, you can request your style.
  3. That would be great!
  4. I bought it from the clinic and there was no hook and eye. ;;
  5. And you had to remove the whole garment to use the toilet? :shocked:
  6. Yes, I had to....
  7. You might wear your own compression garment if you already have.
    When I had fat grafting, Dr harvested fat from my abdomen and I wore my garment ^^
    Bring it and check if you can wear that with the consultant~~
  8. Any recommendations for compression garments?
  9. Sorry... I don;t know ;;;;;
  10. most compression garments are usually custom made pricing would be around $150 dollars. and since most are custom made you could request a hook and eye. Usually the doctors recommend two sizes a large size and a smaller size, one post surgery for the swelling to be compressed and the other after the swelling have subsided. Both should be worn for about 3months or longer for the best outcome. And a month after surgery I recommend you to work out, not intensely but regularly for that beach figure! hope that helped!
  11. That's really useful! Thanks!
  12. PS there are cheaper compressed garments that are around $60 to $80 dollars but the materials they use are not premium, that could results to rashes, thus i recommend you get compression garments that are comfortable and in high quality that are customed since you would be wearing it for a while. The post surgery care is important for maximum results!
  13. Do they offer options? Can I bring my own? I'm thinking of ordering from usa
  14. yeah they usually offer options, and usually the hospitals outsource compression garments to companies, they might push for companies that they are contracted with. I personally dont recommend that you order form the states since the doctor who is performing surgery would suggest which garments you wear. Then outsourced garment company would come and measure your size before surgery estimating the size when it is swollen (1month) and the size after the swell is gone. Compression garment is important post surgery so that the skin dont sag.
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  15. Are compression garments easy to wear? I take shower daily and the thought of taking them off and putting it back on sounds tiresome.....