ABC's Of Travel

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  1. Anything and everything to do with travelling!

    I'll start:

    A - airport
  2. B - Baggage
  3. C - customs
  4. D - Destination (sorry cant think of anything better that starts with d)
  5. E - Ear Phones
    (not sure if this is ok)
  6. Destination is a good one! :yes:

    Ear phones is absolutely ok (I love listening to music when I'm waiting to board the plane, when watching inflight movies, etc) :smile:
  7. F - Flight
  8. G - Guide books
  9. H - high altitudes
  10. I - Identity cards
  11. J - Jet lag
  12. K - Keys.
  13. L - left luggage office
  14. M - Money
  15. N - Neck pillow