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  1. We have the ABC's of Singers ... so why not Actors and Actresses?

    No rules really ... just make sure it's in alphabetical order, and if we get stuck on the Q, X & Z ... we can skip and go to the next!:yes:

    It could also be their first name or last name.

    I'll start:

    A - Angelina Jolie
  2. B - Brad Pitt
  3. C - Cameron Diaz
  4. D...Daniel Day-Lewis
  5. E - Edward James Olmos
  6. F - Farrah Fawcett
  7. G - George Clooney
  8. H - Heath Ledger
  9. ^^^^ Awww :cry:, may he R.I.P. :heart:

    I - Irene Ryan (Beverly Hillbillies)
  10. J - Julia Roberts
  11. K - Katherine Zeta Jones
  12. Lindsey Lohan
  13. M - Martin Lawrence
  14. N - Naveen Andrews
  15. O - Oprah (The Color Purple)