ABC moving 'Grey's Anatomy' to Thursday nights

  1. Just thought some of you would want to know.
  2. WHAT!!!!!!! I love that show but I love my back-to-back Desperate Housewives/ Grey's Anatomy twosome on Sunday! I'm still mad at ABC though for cancelling Commander in Cheif, which I loved! :rant: Sorry everyone I get pretty emotional about my shows, esp. now that Grey's is going to have to be juggled with all the other Thursday shows. :shame:
  3. Commander in Chief got canceled? :hrmm: I only saw a few episodes. I've never seen an episode of Grey's Anatomy, I just don't find it appealing in the commercials :shame:

    What else got canceled? I still stick to 24, Scrubs, Lost and lots of CNN :amuse:
  4. oh no. now i'm gonna miss it entirely for season 3 then. i'll have to boycott the show until they move it and buy it on DVD instead. i work every thursday until 930pm.. and i don't get home until 10pm.

    sigh. and it's so not worth downloading the episodes cuz the quality isn't as good. this is depressing news.
  5. Yep and I'm heartbroken! :cry: They're not even going to show the remaining episodes until this summer. I still don't know why, esp. with the Emmy it won and the 8 million weekly viewers. Here's an article on the cancellation:
  6. gosh, Grey's moving to a diff day.. I think its a strategy so ABC will attract more viewers.. they already got ppl on Sundays coz of Desperate Housewives and they have Lost as well, so I guess they r trying to make their presence known on the other days as well???
  7. did you guys see last night's finale episode? it was so good!!