~ ABC debuts Skating with the Stars November 22nd ~

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  1. Good Lord this ought to be fun :rolleyes: The celebs will be breaking bones left and right :nuts:

    Now word on celebs yet...I hope they include Johnny Weir and he puts a pink tutu on someone from 90210 or Gossip Girl :lol:

    ABC to air "Skating With the Stars". Whose double Salchow are you dying to see?

    ABC just announced that when the current season of Dancing With the Stars tangos off the stage, it will be replaced with a six-episode run of Skating With the Stars. Because what’s funnier then questionably coordinated B-listers in sequins? Questionably coordinated B-listers in sequins … on ice.

    As soon as I heard about this edition, my mind flew back to that Fox show Skating With Celebrities from 2006 (pictured here) that found stars like Kristy Swanson, Bruce Jenner, and Todd Fields stumbling and bumbling with actual figure skaters like Nancy Kerrigan and Lloyd Eisler in a pairs competition. (Kristy Swanson and Lloyd Eisler ended up winning. And then hooking up. The pair are now married.) It was similar to Dancing, in that so much seemed to depend on how physically adept the star was. But on Skating, it seemed like female celebrities had an immediate advantage, because at least the professional men had impressive-looking lifts to fall back on, even if the star was a subpar skater. There was only so much the professional ladies could do with their mediocre male stars. I wonder how ABC’s version will deal with that? And which stars do you want to see strap the skates on? (The cast will be revealed on Nov. 2.) I nominate Moira Kelly!
  2. Again?? Fox already did this
  3. YAY! I enjoyed it when it was on in 2006. I always hoped it would come back on again!
  4. I think it was on FOX before am pretty sure the celebs were sleeping with each other and one even broke up a marriage LOL!

    I guess ABC will try to clean it up a bit. I just cant wait to see who is going to be on it :nuts:
  5. I'd rather see the one on CBC that's hockey players and skaters. Probably wouldn't get really good ratings in the US. :smile:
  6. I liked the one they did on Fox a few yrs ago. Wonder if it's the same show/diff network or if they're changing up the format
  7. Rumor is first celeb that signed up is Bethenny Frankel.

    I think that famewhore Zarin was asked too I would pay $ to watch her fall flat on her face :lol:
  8. Ha ha ha oooookay. Kristy Swanson broke up a marriage and I believe she is married to that man now.
  9. Yes that show is very popular here in Canada! :P
  10. they've announced the cast -- I see like DWTS, they're going the reality route instead of casting actual STARS!


    Skating With the Stars: Olympian, Rocker, Actress and...Real Housewife!

    Et tu, Bethenny Frankel?

    The former Real Housewives of New York star has signed on for ABC's latest reality competition, Skating With the Stars—which apparently aims to improve on Fox's one-and-done Skating With Celebrities.

    Er, the winner of that hooked up with her married partner and had his baby, so this show has a lot to live up to...

    But ABC's giving it a go.

    Joining Bethenny in the rink, in order from "OK" to "oookaaay" will be Mötley Crüe rocker Vince Neil, Olympic gold-medalist skier Jonny Moseley, No Way Out vixen (circa 1987) Sean Young, Disney Channel actor Brandon Mychal Smith (incidentally, Demi Lovato's Sonny With a Chance costar) and All My Children's Rebecca Budig (also the ex-wife of Bachelor Bob Guiney).

    Like Dancing With the Stars did back in season one, Skating With the Stars (they share a producer, what do you know?!) is starting slow with only six contestants.

    But who knows? One day it could be having hour-and-a-half result shows and be the most-watched show on TV.

    Ya think?

  11. Does anyone know who the figure skater pros are they will be skating with? I am already rooting for Bethany.
  12. No, they haven't announced the skaters yet.
    The ABC website says "And come back soon to meet their pro skater partners!"
  13. I thought Bravo does not allow their reality show cast members to participate on other network shows.
  14. Vince Neil will do anything for a buck.
  15. True, and he's going to be a hoot and a half to watch!!! I'm thinking Bethenny may do pretty good! I remember on RHofNYC when she was dressed up as Rollergirl on Halloween, she was impressive on the roller skates! Granted, and I know from experience, roller skating and figure skating are NIGHT AND DAY different, but she does have an edge going into the competition.