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  1. Vlad/Megs, this would involve some work on your part....what about making a little area where members could to go get definitions of the 'standard' Forum abbreviations -- NAP, LVR, various manufacturer names and style names. It woulnd't be that helpful as a thread because you'd have to read through the whole thing. What if there were a single thread and then you (Vlad/Megs) could cut and paste to a list somewhere that was alphabetical? Members could post to the thread with new abbreviations and then refer to the alphabetical list when they needed help with something.

    Even things like LMAO sometimes need explanation....
  2. DH - Dear hubby
    SO - Significant other
    IRL - In real life
    NM - nemain marcus
  3. SA...Sales Associate?
    That's my contribution.
  4. JMO - just my opinion
    lmao - laughing my !@*# off
    lol - laughing out loud
    NAP - Net-A-Porter
    BF - boyfriend
    that's all I've been able to figure out so far ... lol
  5. IMO: in my opinion
  6. rofl- rolling on the floor laughing
    tdf- to die for
    mc- mulitcolor
  7. BG -- Bergdorf Goodman
    MJ -- Marc Jacobs
    LV -- Louis Vuitton
    B Bag -- Balenciaga
    HTH -- Hand to heart (I swear)
    PITA -- Pain in the @ss
  8. NM = Neiman Marcus
    BLM = Bloomingdales
    SFA = Saks Fifth Avenue
    BNY = Barney's New York
    JNY = Jeffrey's New York
    YSL = Yves St Laurent
    FBB = Fendi B Bag (find the name of that one interesting - a friend of mine just came up with it ... this is Fendi's "new" bag - seen in all the magazines as of late)
  9. I would like to know what ^^ means. :shame:
  10. That's an arrow pointing to the above thread entry. If you don't want to quote the previous entry, you can just point to it.
  11. Thank you!!

    I know that ^5 means "high five" so I figured it meant something similar to that. :shame:
  12. BV = Bottega Veneta
  13. t4p = thanks for posting
  14. Maybe I'm stupid but i don't know what LMAO means :shame: .
  15. LMAO = Laughing My Ass Off.