Abbreviation question...

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  1. I am kind of embarrassed to ask this....
    But i have seem some abbreviations here and I don't know what they stand for:
    I think there are some others but i cannot think of what they are right now.
    If you all could enlighten me I would appreciate it :P
  2. JAX: Jacksonville, where Coach is headquartered. Calling JAX usually means calling the 800 number.
    FOS: Factory online sale. The website which has invitation only sales.

  3. Thank you!!! :smile:
  4. May I add S.L.G. to the list? I keep seeing it mentioned and have no clue what it means!

  5. Small Leather Goods. :smile:

    I didn't know what it meant forever and then I was like ooh!
  6. Ahh, mystery solved! Thank you so much, Chele!

  7. You're welcome!
  8. Here you go -

    E/W - Bag is wider than it is tall

    EUC - No marks that would be seen from arm length. Excellent to immaculate interior. May or may not show puddling of leather, based on leather type and construction.

    FP - Full Price (boutique bag)

    GUC - Good Used Condition (may have minor scuffs, scratches, small spots not easily seen. Interior may have marks and stains

    HTF - Hard to Find -usually an FP bag with limited production or older/rarer.

    ISO - In Search OF

    MFF - Made For Factory (bag made specifically and sold only at outlet stores)

    N/S - Bag is taller than it is wide

    NWOT - Never used but tags have been cut, may or may not be included

    NWT - New With Tags (tags are ATTACHED, never used!)

    OBO- Or Best Offer

    OPA - refers to Coach Signature Op Art C pattern

    PP - PayPal

    PM - Private Message

    SIGGY or SIG - refers to Coach classic C pattern. May be tone-on-tone or multiple colours

    SLG - Small Leather Goods - wallets, wristlets, mini skinnies, coin purses
    FOS - Coach Factory Online Sale
  9. HG - Holy Grail, or the bag you would sell your firstborn for
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    Several of these are already in the Coach "Read Me First" thread here: :yes:

    Let's keep this thread on topic for Coach-related abbreviations, please. General leather goods and forum abbreviations can be found here: