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  2. BLACK

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  2. Black! Just something about that deep black with the brass accents just melts my butter.
  3. I like both but I lean toward liking the tobacco more. I think it gives the bag a little western feel that I love. I own it in tobacco and I could not be happier! :love:
  4. without pics I am going to say tobacco, I generaly like tobacco and brown better, and it's something different than your average black bag. ;)
  5. Black, and I usually don't buy Black bags. However, when I bought the Tobacco, the leather looked plastic & fake. In the Tobacco it did not look like an expensive bag. So after looking at the Tobacco Abbey in numerous stores, I eventually exchanged her for the Black, and I love it!
  6. I like both of them-I'm still so not sure which one to keep-I've posted some pics-Plz let me know whatcha think-Thank You, Amy!!!!!!:s
    CIMG3444.jpg 69195812_tp.jpg
  7. I like the Tobacco, but I saw one at the outlet it showed scratches more than the black, just something to think about.
  8. BLACK!! The tobacco looks like a horse's saddle. (sorry)
  9. I do like them both, but I'm leaning towards the black...
  10. I love both! The tobacco does show scratches more. If I find the Black abby while on vacation... that baby is going home with me.

    Go for the Black!
  11. I like the Tobacco one.

    I've been debating about buying this bag but am afraid it might be too big on me (under 5 ft. and about 100 lbs.).
  12. it reminds me of a saddle too....

  13. Black ;)
  14. Tobacco ^-^