Abbey Tote Sag

  1. What do you gals use to prevent your abbey bag from sagging at the bottom? I am constantly trying to arrange my items so that the bag doesn't look funny. Thanks
  2. If you mean the rectangular tote, I don't have any problem with saggage. You can always get 2 stiff pieces of cardboard or 2 pieces of acrylic and place them at the base of the bag. Might be a bit hard cos of the zip pocket in the centre.
  3. I have the rectangular abbey and this is my FAVE BAG [: what color do you have? Anyway, i notice my bag sag sometimes but i think it depends on the way you arrange the etems in your bag...for example lay your wallet vertically instead of flat....things like that...or you could do the cardboard thing also...or it depends on what you have in your bag if you have a small shirt/sweater you can put that at the bottom and all your stuff on top and it don't sag....

    i dont know if i even helped lol!