Abbey shoulder bag

  1. I just ordered and received the Abbey shoulder bag from Saks, but am always worried that I will receive a fake (cus ppl might swap the real for the fake.) Anyone ever gotten a fake Gucci from HE stores, and anyway to tell? Thanks!
  2. post the bag pic on the auth this thread and people might be able to tell you. Saks is a reputable although im sure it is possible, I highly doubt it...they have a reputation and have to be careful
  3. Make sure you get the control card with your bag and you can always post pictures on this site. But like coach_prada said, Saks is a reputable store and they would get into deep trouble for selling fakes.

    I have bought two Guccis from Saks. They were real and nice. You will be able to tell if it was fake.
  4. Congrats on your purchase. I am sure you have nothing to worry about ordering from Saks. I just ordered one from Neiman Marcus. I can't wait for it to arrive.
  5. I am sure you will be fine, I worried about bag switching but when I once returned a bag to Selfridges the SA had to get the manager to put it through so I guess if that is the policy there then they are all checked which is good