Abbey or Positano Small Shoulder Bag??

  1. I already bought the Abbey, but i just fell in love witht he Positano Small Shoulder bag.. Thinking of exchange it... Please help me to decide....:hysteric:
    NMV002W_mn.jpg NMV9767_mn.jpg
  2. keep the abbey! its much nicer imo!
  3. Love the abbey.. its just so practical and stylish.. Right now, I can't live without mine.

    I think the Positano bag is okay.. if I owned it, I'd worry about the scarf fraying over time.
  4. I would like to have both...

    Am greedy....
  5. woah im surprised, i thought everyone would advice me to get the Positano hehehe.
  6. I'd keep the Abbey!!

    It looks better IMO.
  7. I like the Positano better but like jen said, I would worry about the scarf.'s such a tough choice, can't you get both? ;)
  8. if you have to pick one, keep the abbey!
  9. I like the abbey.
  10. I personally like the positano better.
  11. scarf bag..HANDS DOWN!
  12. Positano...the scarf is so unique!!!
  13. the positano will def get more glances and stares. but i have the abbey and i love it.
  14. im trying to exchange the abbey for the positano, if i cant, i will get both ... then go on a shopping ban later :smile:.. but it will be worth it hehehe.
  15. Does anyone know where to get a THe Positano Small Purse like the tan/brown one shown in the 1st post? Can't get it from Gucci or Saks.