"Abbey" Large Tote Pockets

  1. Has anybody seen a green version of this? Its not available on the Gucci website but I remember seeing an orange one in Japan...

    Thanks a lot for your help! xxx :jammin:

    see photo below:

  2. to be honest do gucci generally have a lot of bags in the colour of pink/blue/orange/green?... or are they in some special edition? i remember last time i went to the store, the majority of the bags are in the classic beige...i forgot to ask about the available colours of abbey large pocket tote... so just wondering if any of you sweet gucci gals have any idea :P
  3. I bought the large tote Gucci on Monday. Today I am returning it for the East-West purse model - which they call it at Neiman's but at the GUCCI store they refer to it as Gucci - the tote just didn't do anything for me, as for color -I have not seen any fun colors, my guess - special edition.
  4. lyrehc91! You will not REGRET the return at all! i have the second tote and LOVE IT! its the perfect size, shape and its a darling bag to own! it cant do no wrong (apart from the no zip but that doesnt matter to me)
  5. I know, I love the Gucci purse - and you are right gucci_girl_gg - I highly recommend this purse. Thanks!