Abbey Flap is here!

  1. I promised pics of the turquoise interior of the Abbey Flap as soon as she arrived, so here you go! I have not had time to even take the stuffing out yet...she arrived mid-photo shoot of all my Coach stuff, but I did get a couple of pics for now.
    Abbey flap.jpg Abbey interior.jpg
  2. cute bag!
  3. Super cute -- congrats!
  4. It looks gorgeous, congratulations! Thanks for sharing the pics with us. :smile:
  5. Gorgeous - that leather looks TDF! Congrats!
  6. It's such a beautiful bag! congrats on your new purchase:smile:
  7. That looks great! I saw one on eBay the other day, and fell in love. Are you going to start usuing it now?
  8. Beautiful congrats!
  9. Well, I got it more for fall, but I probably will take her for a spin before that. I just don't think I will be able to wait! :sweatdrop:
  10. Wow, she is so gorgeous! This is my ultimate dream bag and after I saw it in real life, even more so. Enjoy it, that is an amazing bag!
  11. Pretty bag - and I love that lining! :yes:
  12. I really like that bag!!
  13. That is such a pretty bag...I may have to save up for one!
  14. Oh, pretty! Love the lining! Would you mind taking modeling pics?? I'd love to see what it looks like on someone!
  15. Gorgeous bag!!