Abbesses vs Bastille

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  1. Hello everyone, I am a newbie here. I have read a lot in this website, you guys are very helpful...and I am going to buy my first LV bag now!

    I need a big bag that I can put all my belongings in for everyday use, both work and shopping. I am not a fan of switching bag everyday. I just one a bag that I can use 365 days.

    Originally I want to buy Abbesses, but I saw some readings that Damier is better than Mono Convas in occations like rains and dirt. Is it wiser to buy Bastille if I want to use it everyday?

    By the way, I am a working lady height 159cm only, are these bags too big for me? Can you suggest any alternate big bag for me?

    Can anyone give me some suggestions here?

  2. I think what they meant by Damier being better than mono is on bags where there is a lot of vachetta, i.e., speedys, cabas piano/mezzo, wouldn't want to get water spots on the vachetta. A bag like the Abbesses doesn't have much naked vachetta, and you can use products to waterfproof the bag.

    To me, the difference between the Abesses and the Bastille is which you like better...damier or mono.

    You can wear these cross body, so I don't think it matters too much on your height. If you want a cross body bag in LV, you can also look at the Damier Geant line...I have the messenger in brown and it's gorgeous, and it also comes in black. It's made of the same fibers they use for climbing ropes (i think that's what my SA said) so it's VERY durable and you don't have to worry about it getting wet.
  3. :biggrin: Thanks for the reply.

    However, my friend said these bags are too young for me, a 30 years old woman. I prefer cross bag compared to shoulder bag, so I want to buy these 2 bags. Are they really too young for me? Do you think I can still wearing them when I am 40?

  4. ANYone can wear LV at ANY age. Okay, maybe an 8 yr old would look funny! But you're NEVER, EVER too old for LV, it's timeless and classic.
  5. Of course're only as old as you feel. I'll be 30 soon, and I'm sure not giving up my LV!
  6. The Bastille is too manly, frankly. My husband uses our bastille mainly. It looks odd on a gal. I think the MC is more suitable for a girl. Although I think both bags suit guys more.

    The bag is cool, but when you sling it, the bag often bends at the point where it touches your hip. May leave a fold on the bag. So it may be advisable to put a towel in it to hold the shape (v vain huh).
    Its very hard to carry it if you do not sling it across. It often droops off the shoulder.
    There is a lot of imitation for these 2 bags.
    The red interior tends to fade/discolor into a dirtier shade.
    The rubber band often dislodges.
    The vachetta goes below the bag, and frankly, its asking to be scratched, so be careful where you put it. The gold parts are also asking to be scratched.
    If you carry lots of stuffs, the weight tend to pull the sides of the bag outwards (as the strap is attached to the sides of the bag), and distorts the shape of the bag.
    And finally, for this price of 1000 dollars, you can get more stylish bags from LV or any other brand. These bags are more for guys who don't really have much choices lol in the premium bag categories lol (always either luggage bags, or messengers or document holders).