Abbesses or Pegase 50?

  1. I was thinking of getting a new bag before i go to London & Paris this summer... I know the Abbesses and Pegase aren't similar but i like them both and they are only $600 difference in price. I have a keepall 50. I want an everyday bag to carry my camera money etc. in but also want a new carry-on! What advantages does the Abbesses have over the Pegase 50, i am also looking at the trolley 50 bosphore? Does anyone not like their Abbesse or Pegase? Modeling pics would be greatly appreciated! :yes:

    TIA! :flowers:
  2. What are your thoughts on the Bosphore Messenger?

    But to answer your question... I'd choose a messenger since you already have one luggage piece.
  3. As a carryon the pegase 50 is worthless IMO- definitely a more practical choice to go with the 60.

    As for messengers, the Abbesses is nice but flap messengers irritate me- I actually really like the reporter as an alternative.
  4. I like it... but my laptop wont fit in it...
  5. Why is it worthless? Too small?
  6. sorry John, but i dont like the bosphore messenger..
    I have an abbesses, probably my first LV bag, (not item) and probably the one i use least. its a bit uncomfortable in my opinion, due to its nature as a sling. One must open the big flap, hold it up, as one looks for the phone, wallet, etc. Its not a bad bag. I LOVE IT. but It could just be that IM not comfortable with a big messenger as a day to day bag, especially with a flap. I much rather a hand held like my Soana Sacoche, which has the option of carrying as a messenger but since the zipper is on top it makes getting in and out a cinch. Because i carry a lot of books to school, i use a Carryall (despite its big size) which can always second as a luggage piece as it was intended to be LOL.

  7. oh valleyO, i guess i took too long typing my response cause you answered it well.
    I love my abbesses but it simply makes getting in and out of it a bit harder than a reporter as you said.
    I dont regret buying the bag though, i will say that. I love abbie. lolol.:roflmfao:

    and yes berrycraig, the pegase 50 is very small. i would just shoot for a 60. There are a couple on eBay for dirt cheap. :graucho:
    unless they sold.:push:

    honestly, go with a city bag instead of another luggage piece since clearly you would want something to sport around PARIS & LONDON ;)
  8. Thanks! You can carry it on right? I would die if i got to the gate and British Airways tell me i had to check it! I would b like :wtf:

  9. oh yeah. you can the only size you cant is that humongous Pegase 70!!
    or that keepall 60. which is mammoth size. :wtf:

    are you sure it really is between the abbesses and the pegase?
    no olav, or any other messenger like the reporter valleyO mentioned earlier?
  10. Definitely agree with Valley-O, Pegases 60 is a good choice. The Abbesses and Bastille both have the huge flaps but I like how the Bastille has a pocket on the back so I don't have to open the big flap to look for my phone or other small things. But the big flap isn't that much of a pain most of the time. I would get the Abbesses.
  11. I like the way they look but i LoVe mono! I really want it to match? kwim?
  12. what does KWIM mean? lolol isee it around the forum but have not the slightest clue as to what it stands for :sweatdrop:

    well if matching is a big thing, Then hey stick to mono.
    Like lvbastille mentioned the abbesses also has a pocket in the back. i used it always for my phone, keys, wallet, and lip balm for quick and easy access.

    and did you know that the abbesses's back pocket leather part is not sewn on to the bag intentionally so that the pegase handle can go right through and hold the bag, in case you dont want to be carrying it at the same time you have your pegase with you or whatever other reason you can come up with? ;) maybe that will encourage you to get both. as i hope it will.
  13. I know what you mean... kwim means know what i mean... i finally had to ask to find out what it meant lol... I wish i could have both... maybe the Pegase for vacation this summer and the abbeses next summer... or the other way around! I have no idea!
  14. are you ok with buying second hand bags?:idea:
  15. No... i really love new! I dont mind paying more for a new one! Why do you ask?