Abbesses messenger - problem!

  1. Hi guys,

    I do have a problem with my favorite LV bag, the abbesses messenger, I love it, and I can not imagine my life without it... BUT :crybaby:... I guess I already said that I am living in Eastern Germany... a place without LV store (we bought it in Munich last year).... and if you know the bag, you probably also know that there is this rubber thing to "lock" the bag.... well this "thing" is almost torned and so I called the store where we bought it and the woman said that we are supposed to give it to the store and they will see what they can do.... Unfortunately I do not have the time to go there, especially right now, and I don't want to send it to them... So is there anyone who has been in the same situation? What have you done?
    Or does somebody else can hled me (advices... etc.)?

    Really I need help.... :wtf:
  2. if its your fav bag id just post it to them. make sure it gets signed for when it arrives at the store though.
  3. Send it in the mail. I did it before when there was no LV in our entire country. You should be fine, just remember to call back and check on it to make sure they don't forget it in the back of the store and such. lol
  4. Hi. I have an Abbesses, which I've now allowed hubby to take over. The closure rubber thingy which looks like a coated rubber band for hair did break. I walked into a LV Boutique with the bag in hand and handed it over to a sales associate who called some guy from the back who fixes things. The guy emerged, looked at the bag, took it to the back with him, said he'd be right back and when he re-emerged some minutes later the coated rubber closure had been replaced with a brand new one at no charge!